This year has been filled with movies of guys in spandex fighting, guys in metal suits fighting, old guys that shouldn’t be able to fight fighting, guys time traveling and fighting, and while that’s all good every once and awhile I want to slow it down and watch a musical set in France…with slight amounts of fighting. Luckily enough, Les Miserable is coming to theaters and here are a few promo posters.

Les Miserable is coming to a theater near you Christmas Day.


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  1. I’m “All In” on this one, the other one they did a few years ago was ok, but I must say from what I have seen, this one looks awesome. Also helps I just saw this a few months ago on stage, It Rocked!!!

    • I’m a Les Mis fan in general (I’ve had several friends tell me that they see me as Thenardier when they listen to the soundtrack), and this movie looks like it is going to be awesome. The fact that they actually recorded the vocals for the songs during the filming of the scene (so when they’re singing on screen, that’s actually them singing at that moment and not dubbing) fills me with hope.

  2. I’m so excited about this. I and my whole family love this musical and I dearly hope that after spending a day with my family on Christmas Day, I can cap it off by seeing this.

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