In an interview with Shock Till You Drop, Guillermo Del Toro has revealed at least some news of an upcoming Hulk TV series based off the Avengers film franchise. For some more info and a Major Spoilers look, take the jump.

Del Toro, the man behind the Hellboy movies, is set to direct the pilot of a Hulk TV series spinning out of this year’s highly successful Avengers film. He does tell us the project is currently on hold while Marvel waits for a specific writer to become available for the project. As of yet the writer is currently unnamed, even to Del Toro himself, but seems quite important to the project. Del Toro himself is very much looking forward to the project as it is one of the more monstrous comic characters available to work with and those are what he wants to work with. Being a huge fan of the Hellboy series and anything Del Toro does, I am highly looking forward to more news about this project.