We’ve known that Marvel and Disney have had plans for a S.H.I.E.L.D. television for a while now, but when news broke that Agent Phil Coulson would be a major part of the television show, suddenly the rest of the civilized world must also face the dilemma that faces comic book face at least once a quarter – the death and return of a favorite character.


How will SHIELD explain Coulson's return??

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  1. I never thought he died in the movie. Fury announces it over the radio, but we don’t see a body or funeral. I saw it as Coulson aiding Fury in manipulating the group into forming the team. His last line was something along the lines of giving them a reason. And faking his death would provide tension between Fury and the rest for the next movie.

  2. I’ve been of the opinion that the Coulson stabbed in The Avengers was an LMD long before the news came that the SHIELD TV show would have him in it, so I see no reason to change my mind now that the evidence actually SUPPORTS my stance!

  3. You never see his body after he gets stabbed and talks to Nick. There was no body bag or a body with a tarp over it. He was never dead, just down. He will be back better than ever.

    • I fully agree. I thought this and shared with with friends after watching the movie.

      I will admit being tempted to choose the “Trust in Joss” option, but I went with the crack team of doctors.

  4. I’d never have thought of that Vision-angle on my own, but that would be a very interesting angle to take. They could run it a little like the sub-plot of Robocop–i.e. Is he a man or is he a robot, and if he’s a robot then why does he have feelings? That, to me, is a plot that I can see Whedon’s team embracing.

    Then again, I’m still praying for a Daredevil TV show, so what do I know?

  5. Unless we see an on-panel corpse or any follow-up whatsoever I’m operating under the assumption that he’s not fully dead. Almost dead, very nearly there. Then again, this is Joss “Murderface” Whedon we’re talking about here.

  6. I’d love it if they initially told the characters that “he got better” but then have a 2nd season reveal that the real Coulson died and this Coulson is an LMD.
    Bonus points if they have a through-line prior to the reveal denigrating the LMD as inferior.
    Extra bonus points if the LMD Coulson actually believed he was the original.

  7. I have bever been into anything shield in the comics before but this show sounds like it has potential. Maybe something similar to Powers.

  8. Coulson could always have been a robot. It’d explain his stoic yet slightly awkward demeanor, while still being highly skilled in “A funny thing happened on the way to Thor’s Hammer.”

  9. Stark said it best, Nick Fury is a liar. He is a spy, he is THE spy. We saw him lie about the Captain America cards being on Coulson, and that he is manipulating everyone. So yeah, Coulson did not die from the Loki attack, but Fury kept him under wraps and he is now just working deep undercover/super classified stuff.


  10. I think the one that was killed was the LMD. What would a SHIELD show be about anyway? Spies or superheroes?? Why have spies when super people are everywhere??

  11. In Joss I trust.
    While he has a habit of killing of beloved characters, I don’t fully believe Colson is dead. That said, all of the options presented are very possible.

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