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Stratum Comics is proud to announce the release of their second issue of the brand-new creator- owned miniseries “The Threat” from creators Vince Chuter and Mark Schmidt, featuring pencils by Daniel Wichinson, inks by Jordi Perez Estevez and colors by William Anderson! When the world has changed and being different has taken on a new meaning, old prejudice can become deadly. After the unthinkable occurs, one man helps his city survive a global economic and ecological collapse. But, at what cost?

Issue two introduces us to Kyle Richardson, a victim of his own altruism, who soon learns some secrets are best left hidden! When finally freed from his imprisonment will he choose freedom or vengeance?

“We couldn’t be happier to be continuing our long collaboration,” said Mark Schmidt Co-owner and writing partner on the “The Threat”. Both creators worked hard coming up with the initial concepts, Vince was the original illustrator and concept designer for the title with input from Mark on the designs and Mark has provided all of the scripting for each issue using ideas that both of them have come up with over the years. Bringing on a group of up and coming artists to help polish the finished look they are producing some stunning work. With clever scripting, spot-on art and amazing color work the story has become much more than just an innovative concept, it’s become an immersive world that everyone is going to want to read.

“We’ve been striving to put our story together for a long time,” Vince Chuter said.. “I honestly couldn’t be happier and amazed that it is finally coming together. Seeing it published and to read some of the great reviews we had, is very gratifying!”

The story is an imaginative take on the post-apocalyptic thriller, the writers have created a world that seems familiar and yet very different. From a world where technology can provide for our every need but old inadequacies still persist. The journey will take the reader from great megacities where civilization still thrives, to the outer rims where dwindling population have been left to become more innovative in order to survive with dwindling resources.

As mankind has become accustomed to the new reality of a prosperous life only existing under the influence of corporate-fiefdoms, a desperate war will begin for the control, direction and survival of the future.

We’re thrilled to be working on this project and with such a great artists,” said Mark and Vince. “Everyone has been great and supportive of our efforts and we’re excited for readers to be able to see the story as it unfold in the series.”

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