I’ve always been a big fan of Aisha Tyler, dating back to her days hosting ‘Talk Soup’ (even when she showed the horrible taste to date Ross Gellar on national television ((also, I have no concept of the line between reality and fantasy (((OH, NOOO!  I’M TRAPPED IN TRIPLE PARENTHESES!  I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS!!)))))) and because of that admiration/crush, I found myself sitting up watching F/X one Saturday night to check out some strange retro cartoon she’s doing voice-work for.  After that episode, I watched another, and another, and am now officially a fan of ‘Archer,’ something I suspect that I might not have ever checked it out had Aisha not been involved.  (Honestly, I still haven’t quite forgiven Adam Reed for the utterly cluster-schmozzy end of ‘Frisky Dingo’ and the whatever-it-was that was ‘X-Tacles.’)  I’ve even watched a few minutes of the weekday schmooze-fest that is ‘The Talk,’ to bask in those few moments of Aisha’s glorious smile.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always “misquoted”) is in the DAAANGER ZOOOOONE, asking: Are there any actors/actresses that you have loved in everything they do, even things you normally wouldn’t?


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  1. Big stars, even ones I adore, are often hit and miss. I once said I loved John Cusack in everything he’s in, but I find that less and less true. Anna Faris ,I guess. I’ve liked her performances in even some pretty terrible movies.

    I get a kick out of a lot of character actors, and love seeing them whenever and wherever they turn up. Stephen Tobolowsky, Vincent Sciavelli, James Hong, Luis Guzman, Judy Greer are almost always awesome doing their thing, in whatever they’re doing it in.

  2. I don’t really have any actors I follow that closely, but I’ve seen almost every movie and about 2/3 of the TV appearances with Kevin Smith (including Degrassi) because I’m a Jay and Silent Bob fan.

    I’ve also seen just about everything with Chloe Moretz because of my goddaughter, though I admit to being interested in seeing how she grows as an actress as she grows up. I probably wouldn’t have given “Dark Shadows” a look if she hadn’t been in it (and my goddaughter hadn’t insisted we watch it).

  3. For a man, Bruce Cambel. He plays Bruce Cambel in every role he does so even if the script is crap he will still be fun to watch.

    For a woman, Christina Hendricks, so hot.

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