The superheroes are never returning to Earth. All the sidekicks must now make the decision whether they will take up the responsibility of saving the planet or just walk away. Major Spoilers has been following Kid Vigilante all the way and have a review of Danger Club #4!

Danger Club #4
Writer: Landry Q. Walker
Artist: Eric Jones
Colors: Michael “Rusty” Drake
Editor: Branwyn Bigglestone
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.99


Previously in Danger Club: All the superheroes of the world disappeared fighting a great evil that was coming for Earth. Or did they? World President The American Spirit recently told a sidekick that he is the reason all the superheroes are gone, dead to be more specific. Kid Vigilante is leading a group of sidekicks to save the world. And don’t worry, he has a plan, he always has a plan.


Here is one of my biggest complaints about this series right up front. The release dates have been fairly spaced out with the last couple issues. Between issue two and three there was about a two-month gap and between this and issue three was another two-month break. So with those breaks I generally have to go back and read all the previous issues to remember the full story. And when I do I remember how amazing this series is shaping up to be.

This time around, the story takes a more focused look at The Magician. He is talking over all the action through the issue as he travels through some weird space-time continuum after injecting himself with Apollo’s blood, which he and Kid Vigilante took from the god last issue. During his travels through this unknown region we catch glimpses of past events and possibly a few future ones as well. What he is specifically doing this entire time is never fully explained, which has been a recurring theme throughout the series. As vague as the storyline has been, it does go into a full-blown crescendo during this installment. There is even a slight explanation for why readers have been kept in a simi-dark corner so far.

After much thinking about why I’m still drawn to Danger Club without knowing what is going on I realized it’s because of the characters. Kid Vigilante and the rest of the sidekicks are in an interesting situation since their mentors and parents just disappeared and now have to figure things out for themselves. Seeing how different characters handle that emotional stress is key to this whole story.


Before I was totally on board with how Danger Club was shaping up story wise, I was in love with the art. Michael Drake does the colors for the series with Eric Jones taking care of the rest. Jones lays down clear consistent lines that display the different personalities featured, while also showing what each looks like while getting their face kicked in with blood spilling all over the place. Those sights are complimented perfectly with Drake’s colors to create one of the most bloody/gorgeous books I have read.


After looking over at the solicits for this title it seems that with this issue the first volume has come to a close. That’s somewhat confusing because this issue leaves off with two huge cliffhangers so it doesn’t seem like the ideal place for a comic volume to end. But hopefully when that trade comes out more people will get into this series. Danger Club is a series that hits high and low moments equally well that features art that makes you droll all over the pages and issue four continues on with the awesome. I highly recommend this issue and am giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ★★★★½

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