The list of new comics may look slim this week, but fear not! Major Spoilers is there for you with a selection of books that you should pick up this week.

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Tom Raney
Publisher: Marvel
Cover Price: $3.99

SOLICITATION: Spinning directly out of AVX #12, find out what happens next! • We can’t tell you anything else without spoiling everything AVX!

ROB: Normally I’d chalk something like this up to just a final attempt to scrape every last cent out of any given story, and it probably is here too, but, with how well AvX turned out and Gillen in the driver seat, I’m willing to give this a shot. If it can give me even a little of what I got from AvX itself it should be worthwhile.

Writer: Scott Synder
Artist: Greg Capullo
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $3.99


He crippled Batgirl. He killed Robin. What will The Joker do now that he’s returned to Gotham City?

What must Batman do to protect his secret identity and that of those who fight alongside him?

GEORGE: The Court of Owls arc is finished but Scott Snyder isn’t giving Batman any rest, as he writes The Joker’s return, kicking off the “Death of the Family” crossover. The Prince of Crime has been largely absent from the New 52, so I am excited to see Snyder’s take on the classic character.

JIMMY: I loved Scott Snyder’s last bat-event, Night of the Owls, and I’m even more excited for this. While it sort of seems early to have another Bat-family-wide crossover event, the last one was handled in a loose fashion that built up the maligned DC Editorial in my books, so I’m intrigued to see how heavy or light-handed the editorial mandate for this will be.

STEPHEN: The last time we saw the Joker he cut his face off to escape Arkham Asylum. What does Scott Snyder have in store for us in this arc? I have no idea, but you can bet it’s on my short list for the week!

ZACH: It’s time to start another huge Batman event in the follow up to the Court of Owls story line that took most of the first year of the New 52 to tell. It has already been announced that most of the Bat titles will have a crossover book along the way. Possible cash grab? Perhaps, but if it’s as good as Court of Owls this is going to be worth checking out.

Writer: John Arcudi
Artist: Jonathan Case
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Cover Price: $3.50

SOLICITATION: The case that Oxel couldn’t give up on has sucked him in deeper as he looks for answers. But why? Not for money, not even for curiosity, so why? What sins can he hope to uncover—or wash away?
* Cover by Ryan Sook!
* From B.P.R.D. writer John Arcudi.

RODRIGO: It’s interesting to note that Dark Horse lists this comic’s genres as “Action/Adventure, Crime”. I really expected to see the word “noir” in there. Are the people at Dark Horse just purists who feel that only Film Noir should have the title? They’re probably just concerned that people won’t recognize the term.

Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Bernard Chang
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

SOLICITATION: • Everything’s gone to hell for the Demon Knights – literally!
• If they can’t escape Lucifer’s clutches, Jason Blood and the rest of the Earth are doomed.

ROB: Ah, now that we’ve pounded through the 0 month we can get back to some awesome medieval action. I’m gonna have to go re-read the previous issues to remember where we’re at, but I’m certain everything is going perfectly fine for the knights, right? Oh, they’re in Hell? Well, here’s hoping for the best then.

Writers: Lee David Zlotoff and Tony Lee
Artist: Will Sliney
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $3.50

SOLICITATION: Welcome to the long-awaited return of MacGyver – co-written by his creator! When an old friend calls for help, Mac becomes involved in a web of industrial espionage, murder and a white-knuckle pursuit across the globe with a million dollar hit on his head! Can he live long enough to save the world – or has his luck finally run out?

STEPHEN: THE ’80s ARE BACK! THE ’80s ARE BACK! Been waiting to see what happened in MacGyver season eight, and now we get to find out! Oh, Happy Day! This issue is co-written by series creator Lee David Zlotoff, so you know it has to be good! Buy three copies this week kids – one for reading, one for bagging and boarding, and the third one to burn, because the fewer copies of this issue that are out there, the higher value on the speculator market!

Writer: Dan Didio
Artists: Brent Anderson and Scott Hanna
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

SOLICITATION: An all-new series focusing on secrets of The New 52 you never imagined!
The Phantom Stranger strikes a bargain with Lord Trigon that will have serious repercussions in the DC Universe!

From afar, Pandora watches!

JIMMY: I was a bit skeptical about where Phantom Stranger #0 would go, but I’ve enjoyed Didio’s writing in the past, and aside from the weirdness of the way the Spectre was introduced, the zero issue was solid. This issue promises an appearance from Trigon, which may answer the question about where Raven’s been in The New 52–a question that hasn’t been asked nearly as often as where Stephanie Brown or Cassandra Cain are, but is a question that I want the answer to nonetheless.

MATTHEW: What’s really ironic is that I just sold my original Phantom Stranger #1 a couple weeks ago, as part of my recent downsizing of my back-issue collection, and now I’m getting a new one. Circle of life right there, my friends. Still, the utilization of the Stranger’s new origin (which, if memory serves, is actually drawn from one of the speculative origins from Secret Origins #10 back in the late 80s) is intriguing enough, and I’m a Brent Anderson fan, so I’m even willing to ignore my worries about Dan Didio’s previous writing.

RODRIGO: I really want all DC comics to include a single sentence about Pandora in their description. “Ravagers #5… Somewhere Pandora is entirely disinterested.”

ZACH: Ever since reading the Books of Magic this other magicy side of DC has caught my interest and since Phantom Stranger #0 was a zero issue that actually made me want to read more I’ll be picking this up. By no means was it the greatest issue I have ever read, but I enjoyed the concepts it’s building on and am interested to see where it is going.

Writer: Howard Mackie
Artist: Ian Churchill, Norm Rapmund
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

SOLICITATION: Caitlin and Superboy reunited – and that’s not a good thing for Ridge!
•Beast Boy’s powers become dangerous as he feels the effects of “Rotworld: The Red Kingdom,” from ANIMAL MAN!

RODRIGO: There’s an interesting phenomenon that happens when a comic gets enough bad reviews, suddenly I become very interested.

Writer: Brian K. Vaughn
Artist: Fiona Staples
Publisher: Image
Cover Price: $9.99
SOLICITATION:  From New York Times bestselling writer BRIAN K.VAUGHAN (Y: THE LAST MAN, EX MACHINA) and critically acclaimed artist FIONA STAPLES (MYSTERY SOCIETY, NORTH 40), SAGA is the sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the worlds. When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe. Fantasy and science fiction are wed like never before in a sexy, subversive drama for adults. This specially priced volume collects the first arc of the smash hit series The Onion A.V. Club calls “the emotional epic Hollywood wishes it could make.”

Collects SAGA #1-6

ROB: Did you miss your chance to pick up Saga the first time through? Well shame on you ’cause Vaughn’s new epic has been absolutely, well, epic. Good thing the trade comes out this week so you can all get caught up before issue 7 hits. Or just pick it up for something easier to add to your collection and let your friends borrow.

TEAM 7 #1
Writer: Justin Jordan
Artist: Jesus Merino
Publisher: DC Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

SOLICITATION: Learn how the secret wars of the New 52 were fought by TEAM 7! This all-new series follows the actions of Lynch as he assembles Amanda Waller, Slade Wilson, Alex Fairchild, James Bronson, Cole Cash, Dinah Drake and Kurt Lance into a team that will shape the DC Universe as we know it! This issue: Battlefield Gamorra!

JIMMY: Team 7 #0 was one of my favorite of the zero issues; I initially just browsed through it at the comic shop, and as soon as I’d finished reading it I walked up to the cash register and bought the copy. While usually saying “It’s like Ocean’s Eleven, but with [insert twist here]” is a pretty cliche elevator pitch, this book did it perfectly for the zero issue. I have high hopes for this issue, and you should absolutely pick it up!

Writer: Steve Niles
Artist: menton3
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Cover Price: $3.99

SOLICITATION: In a future overrun by out-of-control machines and monsters, a handful of human survivors try to fight their way back to a normal life. But what is normal in a world where both monsters and machines need human blood? And which are the real bad guys? Find out in this horrific new series by 30 Days of Night co-creator Steve Niles and menton3, the demented artist behind Monocyte!

GEORGE: The cover promises “Vampires vs. Robots,” which sounds a little goofy. But menton3’s art is no joke; he can do some really creepy, evocative stuff. His previous work on Monocyte is freaky as all hell. And Steve Niles brings a seasoned horror writer’s perspective to this three issue miniseries – his 30 Days of Night was novel in concept (if a bit uneven in execution), and the guy knows his stuff. With these two talents, this miniseries would be something very special and scary indeed.

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: John Cassaday
Publisher: Marvel
Cover Cost: $3.99

SOLICITATION: THIS IS IT! The greatest era of the Marvel Universe starts here! From the ashes of AvX an all-new, all-different Avengers assemble! • Captain America begins his quest to create a sanctioned Avengers unit comprised of Avengers and X-Men, humans and mutants working together – so why is Professor Xavier’s dream more at risk than ever? • The first attack of the most loathsome villain in history will quake the Marvel Universe forever! • The funeral of one of Marvel’s greatest heroes!

GEORGE: Rick Remender is my favorite writer working in the Marvel stable. His soon-to-finish run on Uncanny X-Force is a modern classic, some of the best superhero work I’ve ever read. Marvel is pushing him onto the main stage with Uncanny Avengers. While the team make-up seems to be a real headscratcher, I am sure Remender can make it work. He can handle character and plotting with the best of them, and will surely bring an interesting take to a high-profile book.

ZACH: NOW! is a great time to jump on some Marvel books. NOW! I don’t really know what happened during Avengers vs. X-Men, but I’m ready to read this NOW! There are surely going to be better books than this during the coming months, but it all starts here and NOW!


Hot Wheels RC 1966 Batmobile
Product Features
Holy RC racing, Batman
Now fans of the classic 1966 Batman television series can own the legendary Batmobile
Drive this fully functional Batmobile RC for the very first time
With elite-level decos and a transmitter that looks like it belongs on Batman’s utility belt
This 1966 RC Batmobile is sure to be a favorite of kids and collectors

MATTHEW: Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed! How can you not love this car? Originally created on short notice from a Lincoln Futura concept car, this is one of the most iconic vehicles of all time, and I really want to chase my kid around the house with it, all the while talking like Adam West. I just hope I can find nineteen 9-Volt batteries…

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 1, Vol. 1
Richard Steven Horvitz (Actor), Amy Jo Johnson (Actor), Terence H. Winkless (Director) | Rated: NR | Format: DVD

After 10,000 years of imprisonment, the evil sorceress Rita Repulsa and her loyal minions are freed when astronauts on a routine mission in space accidentally open her dumpster prison on the Moon. Filled with rage, Rita decides to conquer the nearest planet: Earth. But her archnemesis, the heroic sage Zordon, has been patiently waiting in preparation for this day. With the assistance of his wisecracking robotic sidekick Alpha 5, Zordon recruits a team of five teenagers with attitude (Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Billy and Trini) to receive superpowers beyond their wildest dreams so they can defend the Earth as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Aided by giant robotic vehicles modeled after dinosaurs called Zords, the Power Rangers fight back against the evil alien hordes of Rita Repulsa. The start of the Power Rangers phenomenon!

MATTHEW: Here’s where it all began, for the American’s at least… A break-dancer, a martial artist, a nerd, a gymnast and Trini all unite their powers against the evil forces of Rita Repulsa, and the curse of the teen actor. This season also includes the entire original Green Ranger arc, which I will tell you for certain is the primary reason that the show became popular and one of the driving forces that created the fandom that allowed the show to last for 20 years (so far.) Stephen may mock me, but even he knows I’m right…


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