TOYS: Thundercats get Minimate treatment at New York Comic-Con


If you are at the New York Comic-Con next weekend, make it a point to stop by the Action Figure Xpress booth to pick up two new sets of Minimates featuring the villains of the Thundercats universe, and a new wave of Alpha-Flight characters.

NYCC attendees will have the chance to pic up an entirely new Alpha Flight-themed Marvel Minimates box set at the show, featuring Sasquatch, Aurora, Snowbird and Shaman. In addition to the SDCC set’s Guardian, Puck, Marrina and Northstar, the Canadian superteam will also get a two-pack of Vindicator and Box at Toys “R” Us this fall.

While the first Thundercats set from Icon Heroes consisted of mainly heroes, including Lion-O, Jaga, Panthro and Snarf, the NYCC set is all about the villains! Joining the first set’s Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living are his lackeys, the four main Mutants: Slithe, Monkian, Jackalman and Vultureman. Each comes with a signature weapon, and Vultureman even comes with one of his robotic Wolfrats!

The Action Figure Xpress booth is #556, and I don’t think these figures are going to be there that long.

via Diamond Select Toys