THE MERCH: Hoodie makes you look like Racanooki


I know many of you love Super Mario 3, and I have heard at least one of you state you would love to find a Racanooki suit to wear during “Halloween”.  I put that in quotes because we both know you want to wear the costume year round, marauding down the streets, knocking over trashcans, and hissing at every bright light that hits your eyes.  Good for you 80’s Tees has a hoodie that not only includes the cute Racanooki ears, but a tail on the back that actually wags.

Oh, we know what you are going to be spending that next Major Spoilers paycheck on, don’t we?  Yeah… that’s right.  If you ask nicely, Old Man Schleicher may actually slip you an extra $50 to buy the Racanooki Hoodie if your promise to let us record your antics down at the park this weekend.

via 80’s Tees