THE MERCH: Dire Wolf Bookends


Winter is coming, and that means it is time for you to buy me stuff.  Just kidding, I have everything I need – except the Game of Thrones: Dire Wolf bookends, to keep all of my Game of Thrones volumes from falling on the floor and injuring my kitten.

I have to be honest with you (it’s part of my 12-steps) I don’t have a kitten, but I do have some books that I need to keep tidy, and really how awesome would these bookends look in my apartment? They can go on the shelf next to my Three Wolf Moon wall mural. That would rock.

Anyway… The Game of Thrones: Dire Wolf Bookends arrived in specialty stores this past week, and have a retail price of $79.99.  But only suckers pay retail – ask your local comic shop guy to give you a discount using the code “Jimmy.”

via Dark Horse Comics