MOVIES: Hobbit hype machine kicking into high gear with banners


There is a Hobbit movie – the first of three I understand – that is scheduled to arrive in your local moving picture house this coming Winter (December 14 to be exact).  Stephen says he’s going, Rodrigo has stated he won’t get past the first five minutes once those Dwarves arrives, and Matthew… well… let’s just say he doesn’t like people very much (at least that’s what Young Zach tells me whenever Matthew doesn’t return my calls).

The hype machine is going into overdrive, and there are a number of new posters flooding the Internets, including a set of four mega banners that will mysteriously fall to the floor and find their way into the trunk of my car when I see them posted at the Irvine Spectrum.

I guess I’m most excited about the walking.  And the trolls – and by trolls I mean the ones in the movie, and not my ex-girlfriend… shudder…