Level Up Adventures lets you choose your own adventure


At the San Diego Comic Con, and at other venues around the country, I’ve seen Zombie Runs, Apocalypse Adventures and the like, but Level Up Adventures is taking it to the next level by giving participants a chance to take it to the next level.

Creator of Level Up Adventures, Justin Halliwell knows he has created something special, “I grew up reading comic books, playing videogames, going to the movies, watching people and characters do amazing things.”  Halliwell continues, “The problem though, was that I couldn’t do those things and that was all I dreamed of doing! I created Level Up so that no other children or grown-ups have to miss out.”

  • Zombie Survival Training  Navigating the post apocalypse can be hard.  Navigating a post apocalypse that’s littered with undead brain eaters is downright crappy. Luckily, we’ve put together a crash course in zombie hunting to prepare you for the (inevitable?) destruction of mankind due to undead outbreak.
  • Urban Ninja Training  Spend the day learning how to handle yourself like a crimefighter. You’ll get schooled in street combat, parkour, and the art of escaping handcuffs, ropes, zip ties, and duct tape, all topped with a comprehensive adventure at the end!
  • Sniper Stalk  The sniper is the military’s elite precision weapon. Every sniper must undergo a rigorous training program that leaves only the best of the best.  Now, you can join our team of military trainers and get a crash course in what it takes to be a master of covert marksmanship.

I think this is a great method of teaching survival skills or at the very least encouraging people to get out and get some exercise.  The prices are reasonable, with many of the Level 1 experiences starting at $150.00.  For now, it looks like the adventures are only offered in the California area.

via Level Up Adventures