I still recall a time when everyone was excited about a cool new show called ‘Family Guy,’ which seemed innovative and hip and all the things that make Entertainment Weekly writers salivate and bust out their hyphenated adjectives.  Any more, it seems that the show just isn’t cool anymore, and in fact ends up being denigrated most of the time it comes up in conversation.  I’m not sure when the shift occurred, but I think it was expedited by the episode of South Park that explained how each episode of F.G. was written by manatees pushing random balls through hoops.  For my part, I still watch the show when there’s no DVR conflict, but other than the usual issues of an aging show (repetition of themes, Flanderization of characters, sudden retcons) I don’t know that it’s any more or less terrible than it was way back in 1999.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) really wants a mocha latte, but can’t pull off skinny jeans, asking: How does the court of public opinion affect your enjoyment of the media you consume?


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  1. I like what I like and I don’t what I don’t, and don’t really care what other people think. I haven’t watched Family Guy since 2000. Simpsons I haven’t watched in nearly a decade. Stopped watching Big Bang Theory about three season ago, and How I Met Your Mother around the same time. Futurama is reserved for times when I have openings in my Apple TV cavalcade of minute pleasures…

  2. SmarkingOut Adam on

    I don’t think it affects my enjoyment of it much, but it can affect the enjoyment of some things I have in connection with it. For example, if I wear my Shadowcat shirt and nobody comments on it all day, I’m a little bummed about it.

  3. I live in New Zealand – a nation where everyone watches Rugby – I don’t, which kills a lot of conversation. You want to try and get a conversation about popular culture here!!! Actually the guys at my local comic shop (Heroes for Sale – Auckland) are amazing and anytime I need to get my geek on I pop in for a chat.
    I frankly don’t give a stuff about public opinion regarding what media I consume. We all like different things – it’s pity the majority of the planet has no taste (tee hee)
    I don’t see the the fascination the world has surrounding those famous because they’re famous Star Trek Bad guys and why did Dredd3D flop in the US? Crazy planet, crazy people

  4. I’ve noticed that a good 3/4 of the time if something (whatever media, doesn’t really matter) in my general taste is rated low, I usually like it. Now that doesn’t mean that if a lot of people like something I hate it. For example, while I still like Stargate and BSG; I really loved Demolition Man and Judge Dredd (the Stalone movie).

  5. I don’t really give any thought to what others think of what I like. If what I like is popular, great. If what I like isn’t, oh well. I like or dislike something because I like or dislike it, not because others do or do not.

    The only time I really consider the popularity (or lack of) a factor is if/when I want merchandise from it. For example, finding a Green Lantern logo tee 20 years ago was quite difficult, even in comic shops (thankfully a shop owner I was friends with snagged one for me at a con).

  6. I have a group of friends that I trust. If they say its not worth it then I don’t rush out to check it out, but the “general public opinion” has very little effect on what I consume. It took me a until past year to watch Lost because it just didn’t catch my attention.

  7. For the most part it doesn’t affect it. I think in general you have to have a thick skin and/or a reasonable amount of self confidence to enjoy many of the hobbies that sites like Major Spoilers cover, especially during formative years (i.e. Jr High/High School). Comics, statues, video games etc. are a good way to get yourself branded by public opinion as “geek” or “nerd” and until about 5 years ago those terms weren’t chic. So really it comes down to like what you like and the rest be damned.

  8. I have my opinions just like anyone else, Sometimes they’re in line with the majority, other times not so much.

    What I find popular opinion good for and how it influences me the most is by giving me leads on something that I might like. If a lot of people think something is good, maybe I’ll like it, too, so I’ll look into it.

    It’s how I first found Major Spoilers, and I love this site and all the hard work that Stephen does for it. So saying, I try to pass that along by informing others of the popular opinion and influencing them into listening to Major Spoiler’s podcast.

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