Major Spoilers is a celebration of pop culture and awesome in all its forms, but I am a fan especially of real-life awesomeness.  Not so long ago, Rodrigo and I reviewed an adventure of El Santo in comics form, an entertaining glimpse of the multimedia career of a real person with a larger-then-life reputation and public image.  These days, it seems that everyone has feet of clay, from our professional athletes to our favorite film actors to the high-profile celebutantes who help to fill the hours of programming necessary for today’s ‘500 channels and nothing on’ cable TV networks.  Still, it seems that there are still some figures who seem able to transcend the boring and live a life of pure awesome.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wants to grow up and be Bruce Campbell, asking:
Who is your favorite Larger-Than-Life celebrity?


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  1. Hulk Hogan, even as an at the time 14 year old, I was so in awe of him I was scared to go up to him and ask for an autograph.

  2. William Shatner. The Shat has given us James T Kirk, TJ Hooker and DENNY CRANE! Plus the “Get a Life” sketch from SNL. and his “music” albums.

  3. Let’s see. Just a few:

    – Evel Knievel. When Jim Rome asked if EK knew there was little hope in heck of making the Snake River Canyon jump why’d he do it EK’s replay was “Do you know who the hell I am?”.

    – Ric Flair. Lived the gimmick.

    – Bruce Lee. Never got to live up to his off screen greatness because he was taken too soon.

    – Bruce Campbell. “Nuff said!

  4. John Belushi, my infamous first crush. A charming guy who oozes personality & can liven any room by entering it and raising a single eyebrow wows me more than any off-the-peg “hottie” type. That his public image is so maligned by people whose only exposure is the awful “Wired” makes me quite sad. Yes, he was crazy, but he was also super sweet & loyal. He’s the first person I think of when I hear the words “Crazy Awesome”.

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