Revival is sweeping across America! Tim Seeley and Mike Norton have come together to create a dead-coming-back-to-life tale that has an interesting twist. Major Spoilers has your inside look at Revival #3 just after the jump.

Revival #3
Writer: Tim Seeley
Art: Mike Norton
Letters: Crank!
Colors: Mark Englert
Editor: 4 Star Studios
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

Previously in Revival: The dead are coming back to life! But these walking dead aren’t rotting or looking for brains; they appear just as they would’ve before dying. What is happening in the small town of Rothschild? Oh, and a white alien is lurking around.


At the end of issue one it was revealed that Martha, sister of main character Dana, is a Reviver. This was a shock to Dana because no one even knew she had died. The sisters are discussing such matters as the issue opens up. Dialogue seems natural between the two and does for every character in the book, which, with the wide range of characters and roles they play, is nice. Along with distinct voices, Seeley has created dynamic, likeable characters even when the character is dead.

Rothschild is a small town in Wisconsin and it is fairly evident that Seeley has spent time in one because he nails the feel of a smaller community. There is a moment with a group of ladies gossiping inside a funeral home in the middle of a wake that is so accurate it is mildly funny. And just like a small town, relationships can be forced upon people no matter how resistant the parties may be, as is the case with Dana and her new partner Ibrahaim. If you haven’t been reading the series let’s just say they almost become very “familiar” with each other last issue after a few drinks at the local bar.

When it comes down to it Revival is all about relationships. Through the moments of character building there are moments you catch glimpses of how a larger story is building, but it still seems second to character interaction. By no means is this a slow read though, just utterly well crafted.


Mike Norton, creator of the renowned web-comic Battle Pug, is the artist on Revival and gee-willikers does he bring this book up a couple of notches. The crispness of his lines complemented by Bark Englert’s colors make the nonverbal aspects of the story tell just as much as the verbal. Norton’s eyes may set the standard for the “gateway into the soul” expression. Needless to say there is nothing more I could ask for from this book visually.


It’s no secret that Image has been pumping out outstanding titles for a long while now and I don’t think it’s too soon to add Revival to the list. With dynamic action and dialogue, a story that balances action and dialogue, and art that can hold its own against any Big Two title. Seeley and Norton have a book that should keep gathering fans every issue while picking up awards along the way. Revival #3 keeps this series going strong and earns all 5 of the stars.

Rating: ★★★★★

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