With New Comic Book Day just around the corner, it would be wonderful to take that hard earned paycheck and buy every comic book, toy, and bit of merchandise that comes out each and every week.  Unfortunately, we’re not multimillionaires, and other things like food, shelter, and the car payments tend to get in the way.


Where does most of your paycheck go?

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  1. MY check goes to paying for daycare and some comics. My WIFE’s check goes towards everything else, and some of my comics :) Oh how it must feel to be the bread winner of the family.

  2. I recently bought a house, so that is where my money goes. But comics comes second. Not a particularly close second, but second.
    I will be cutting back on books this month though. Has to be done.

  3. A big old chunk of pay goes to three different college loans. Ironic that the college degrees/certifications I have both provides for and takes away my paycheck.

  4. Perhaps some more interesting questions:

    – Where does your disposable income go?

    – What portion of your disposable income do you spend on comics?

    etc etc

  5. I’m a double transplant recipient (kidney and pancreas) and my one sone has ADHD, so huge chunk of my paycheck goes to medicine/medical costs…

  6. Other. The majority of my money (as in all of it and then some) go to medical bills and medications with whatever I can spare going to my grandpa for letting me live in a house he owns. The man pays for my cable and internet so that I’ll have something to occupy my time (and keep in contact with folks as I can’t use a phone due to not being able to hear) so I try to help out a little with the regular bills if/when I can.

    Entertainment stuff (toys, comics, games, movies, etc) all comes from payment for babysitting or as gifts, I rarely ever have the spare funds to pick up anything when I want (although friends do tend to give me a few dollars so I can pick up a couple comics whenever I have to go to one of the specialists I see, much like getting a treat for being good when I was a kid). Which is probably why I’m grateful for anything I get, because even something “cheap” (like when a certain member of the Spoilers crew sent me the full set of promo Lantern rings) is still something more than what I’d be able to get on my own most of the time.

  7. Between my wife and I, the biggest chunk of dough goes to Student Loans.
    Mortgage and Daycare are close seconds.

    Compared to all that I pay pennies for my comics!

  8. Mine goes towards my ever expanding collection of Other Word Books. And occasionally picking up a trade of Fables or Hellboy.

  9. To the bank… i like to save.

    With my excess money i buy schtuff i like, like the occasional comic or video game. Mostly comics though, not very occasional to be honest.

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