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New Trailer: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Atomic Robo and the Flying She-Devils of the Pacific #3
Flying airplanes! Robots in the sky! Monstrous things in the ocean deep!

Rating: ★★★★★

The Unprofessionals #1
There’s no better town than New York City for a couple of starry-eyed kids to teach themselves the murder-for-hire game. Armed with a mail order Special Ops handbook, an mp3 player and a dream, Jake and Leo are looking for their first big break as world class assassins.
Jake and Leo will have to outwit seasoned homicide detectives, outmaneuver shady counter-terrorist operatives, and out-gun a gang of cutthroats who don’t appreciate a couple of punks taking their jobs.
Yeah… it’ll probably work out.
The Unprofessionals series is written and created by Alexis Cruz and Colin Rankine, with art by Chris Moreno; colors by Kate Glasheen and Troy Peteri.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

Major Spoilers Poll of the Week
With New Comic Book Day just around the corner, it would be wonderful to take that hard earned paycheck and buy every comic book, toy, and bit of merchandise that comes out each and every week.  Unfortunately, we’re not multimillionaires, and other things like food, shelter, and the car payments tend to get in the way.
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The Books of Magic
When 12-year-old Tim Hunter travels through the DC Universe in order to decide whether or not to become the world’s greatest sorcerer, he is guided by the Phantom Stranger, John Constantine, Doctor Occult and Mister E, and encounters Eclipso, Merlin, Deadman and other mysterious characters.

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  1. Man, this would have been the Matthew episode, it’s a shame he had to miss it, I don’t mean to demerit you guys please don’t think that, but “The Books of Magic”, and the series that followed it, was probably the one book that made me a comic book geek, through it I started loving DC and it’s continuity, to me it was a guide to everything that was good about it and it’s rich history, you’d need somebody with a huge knowledge of DC Comics history to see how crazy airtight this book is with continuity, he even makes Abra Kadabra origin cool and ominous, much more than “Sandman” I believe that these 4 issues are Neil Gaiman love letter to DC Comics history, much like “Starman” is James Roinson’s.
    I’d love to see Matthew’s views on this book in some form in the future, but don’t get me wrong this episode discussion was a good one anyway. Also I wonder if you guys could be convinced to read the Vertigo that came out of it, the series it’s all in TPBs but I don’t know if “The Children’s Crusade” was ever collected, anyway that’s one of the best series Vertigo ever published, IMHO.

  2. This was the series that got me started in comics, I was in high school in the mid 90’s and this series got inside me. I often give this TPB to people as gifts to show them what is possible in comic books. This series made me a lifelong comic book fan, and here over 20 years later, Im still reading Vertigo titles. From this, you got so many series later that dealt with Tim Hunter. I’ll guarantee that almost any comic book writer nowadays will cite this as a watermark into getting them to write comic books. You guys got this one sooooooo wrong, but it is your opinion. I have to say though, for those people that dislike this series, they usually gravitate towards the superhero trash that is published each month from DC and Marvel. Step away from those types of comics, and reread this comic. Don’t think about Batman, Superman, Xmen, or the Avengers as you read this.

  3. I never thought that I’d say this, but here goes: I missed Matthew on this episode.

    And for Stephen – The Baron (aka Baron Winters) is the main character in Night Force, a recurring DC occult series originally published in 1982. There’s even a current series in the New 52, although I haven’t picked it up.

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