Recent news out of the House of Ideas implies that Ultimate Captain America is going to be successfully elected as a write-in candidate for President of the United States of Ultimerica.  Leaving aside discussion of whether Ultimate Cap is a juvenile-wish-fullfillment-idea-of-the-military, jingoistic, sloganeering, aggressively confrontational jackwagon (which he unequivocally is, thank you) or the legality of such a bid (I suppose he is an American citizen over the age of 35) there are other unspoken issues at play.  Ulticap has been shown to be somewhat skilled in the role of field leader, but what real expectations could we have of a Steve Rogers presidency?  Ultimate Steve Rogers is a man who has been demonstrated to have the same response to nearly any stimulus (Threat of violence?  Shieldinnaface!  Iron Man too big for britches? Shieldinnaface!  You’ve got diptheria?  Shieldinnaface!) who has been shown to have no patience for opposing viewpoints, and who has demonstrated a disturbing tendency towards borderline sadistic behavior, exemplified by his penchant for literally kicking enemies when they’re down.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) doesn’t know anything about NASCAR or YouTube videos, either, asking: Is there ANY superhuman who you might trust as your commander-in-chief?


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  1. Tony Stark, the ultimate capitalist to fix our economic crisis. To quote Iron Man 2 “I did ya a big favor and privatized national defense.” Think of all the extra money saved from national defense spending we could put into entitlements so the hippies would stop crying.

    As far as Ult Cap goes shaddup, you think that A on his helmet stands for France?!

  2. I’d trust Mitchell Hundred!

    But sticking to Marvel/DC, I think I would trust Alan Scott more than anyone. Decent, upstanding, strong moral compass. Thinks very hard about the implications of using power in any situation. And, hey, successful businessman! (Although a media executive becoming President has all sorts of trust issues, Alan’s sheer goodness would make it a moot point.)

    Other options would probably be: Barry Allen (again, just a very decent guy), Superman, and John Stewart.

    A note for least trustworthy: probably Icon. A guy who would stick with the Republican party for over a hundred years, simply because he supported them when they were created, and not taking into account the way the party completely changed its ideology over that time period? I think that shows a distinct political disengagement that I would not favor in a candidate.

  3. G. Gordon Godfrey seems trustworthy.
    I also like Harold Saxon. I don’t know what it is about him, but I would vote for him.
    Zebediah Killgrave is another one who seems to have it together in the perfect package.

  4. Peter Parker – “With great power comes great responsibility.” I don’t know if he would make a -great- president, or even a good one, but I would at least trust him.

    Matt Murdock – He at least has a law degree. Actually having in depth knowledge of the ins and outs of the legal system is kinda reassuring.

    Jay Garrett – He’s thought long and hard about all sorts of things and can get a lot done in a day.

    Doctor Doom! – He really just wants to prove his superiority and be in charge, so if he is already in charge, he’ll just go about fixing things and ridiculing the opposition for being stupid and explaining how once again that he is a genius. (However, he is not technically eligible.)

    Batman – Because, why not? I kinda like the idea that he would go around fighting crime with a secretary in tow and fulfill his duties of office while punching mooks and then giving himself presidential pardons.

    Undead Zombie Abraham Lincoln – He -will- unite the country again.

    Time Travelling Teddy Rooselvelt – He’s already been there, done that.

  5. Elijah Williams on

    Hank Pym. He is a man who has made mistakes in his past, and is constantly reminded of that. He knows he is not infallible, he would tread carefully and carefully weigh each option. And most of all he would listen to others, really try and seek help from people who may know better than he does. That is what we need most in a President, not someone who is headstrong and always believes he is correct, but someone who is willing to compromise and listen to all sides.

  6. If we could alter the rules to allow those not born on American soil, Kilowog. He’s shaped many GL in training, so I think he could deal with running a simple country for a few years. It isn’t like he’d have to run the whole planet or anything. He’d probably get things running a bit more smoothly too.

  7. Wolverine!!! Not really, just kidding. But really, no “superhuman” comes to mind. The only people tangential to a superhuman I could think of are Jim Gordon and Robo. There’s just somethin about the commish that I just really like and trust. As for Robo, who wouldn’t trust a super-smart automatic robot?

  8. Hmm… well Adrian Veidt would have a very business like approach to government, i cannot recall if hes american though…

  9. Why, there are lots. But a fascist that dresses in a flag is most certainly not among them.

    Give me Sam Wilson anytime, instead. Or Hank Pym.

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