DC must have taken notice of this week’s edition of the Major Spoilers Poll of the Week because they have two new action figures to tickle your fancy. This time up they have a speedster and force from Team Darkseid.

Barry Allan is back as the Flash in the New 52 and is ready to join your Justice League collection that you have going already. This rendition of Flash is based off the new Jim Lee design and stands at 7 inches tall. From the pictures, articulation does seem to be slightly limited which could reduce the super sweet poses you want to use to recreate your favorite moments. Look for Flash to cost you between $20-25.

Now that you have Flash you are going to need a figure he can beat up on, so what better than a Parademon? I like that they have made the Parademon figure a tad over 8 inches tall so that he appears to be more threatening when placed next to our heroes. The design is menacing and would look great on your shelf, or in your hand as you swoop it down upon a group of unsuspecting heroes to take over Gotham. Which ever you prefer. Parademon will also cost you in the low to mid 20 dollar range.

via Toy News International


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