SOLICITATIONS: Bluewater Productions announces new Political Power comics just in time for the election


I know some people roll their eyes every time a Bluewater Productions story comes across the invisi-wires, but there is something about the books that capture current events and turn them into visual stories… for good or bad.

With the big election coming up in the United States of America, Bluewater Productions has announced a new book, Political Power: Romney Obama 2012, that guides readers through the lives of the presidential candidates.

“Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been taking jabs at each other for the better part of the year, so far. The intensity will only increase the closer we get to Election Day, as the stakes have never been higher,” said Bluewater President Darren G. Davis. “We wanted to have some fun with the figurative boxing match that has been going on between the two candidates and, at the same time, educate readers on the two men fighting for the presidency.”

Political Power: Romney Obama 2012 is 40-pages in length and is available in digital format, and through Comic Flea Market.

via Bluewater Productions