Since moving into Stately Spoiler Manor, the the Nerd Room of Doom has accumulated “stuff” to the point where I can’t even open the door any more.  Statues, action figures, posters, and props line the shelves and spill onto the table tops to create a collection that looks like the comic book industry puked all over the place.  When it comes time to clean up the room (Young Zach has something to do this summer), we will have to make a choice – Action Figures or Statues?


Which do you prefer more - Action Figures or Statues?

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Thanks to Major Spoilerite Silvergray for offering up this week’s poll of the week!


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  1. I feel obligated to be “that guy” and point out that the image for the Action Figure is not actually an action figure as it does not appear to have any articulation.

    That being said, I still have a few action figures that I’ve held on to over the years. Maybe it is because I no longer feel a desire to buy that kind of collectible, but I prefer the nostalgia of action figures. Reminds me of the glory days of my youth.

  2. I went for action figures. Although a better way of saying it is I like the ones I can play with. For example, I play with my Heroclix a lot. (I like making huge Avengers teams, or making a panorama of the original 5 X-Men vs the Blob.) And I’m still playing with a 10″ plastic army man style bright orange Spider-Man I had when I was a kid. I play with my boy with that one. So those are technically statues, but I can still play with them.

  3. SmarkingOut Adam on

    Action figures. I don’t get them for money, I get them because I think they are pretty cool to have around. If I get action figures, my son can play with them and enjoy them too.

    • SmarkingOut Adam on

      To be clear, by “I don’t get them for money,” I don’t mean I trade something skeevy for them. I mean I don’t collect them for the investment.

      • I have a hard time explaining this to people, or rather some people have a hard time comprehending that I open figures. I tell them I do have a few that I keep in packages, but for the most part I open every figure I get. I’m not collecting them for the possible prices they may some day fetch, but because I like the character or the franchise that the toy is based on.

        When they see the shelves in my room it seems to be understandable, but just explaining it to them can often result in getting the same look as if I had just said “I eat the souls of babies”.

  4. Action Figures, if my bedroom shelves are any indication (filled with Star Wars, Transformers and various superhero figures). I like the occasional statue (keyword is LIKE, not PURCHASE), but action figures can serve much the same purpose with the added ability of being able to change the poses. The affordability factor also helps, as I can usually have a set of action figures of just about any group I like for a fraction of the cost of a single statue.

    And as someone else pointed out, I can also play with the action figures with the kids (which is one of the many reasons my friend’s kids love having me babysit).

    I do like several statues, but most are so far out of my price range with all my medical bills (heck, even action figures are often a pricey purchase considering I have an extremely limited entertainment budget).

  5. I chose action figures as this is what I grew up with – playing with them, creating the adventures in my imagination and using the figures to play it out. My oldest (5) is doing this as well, and I love watching and remembering some of my favorite memories of youth.

  6. This is a toughie. I have both statues and action figures in my collection. The truth is, though, I rarely change the poses on my action figures, and so functionally they are statues. Only advantage to action figures in that case is the cheaper price.

  7. Statue obviously, since the picture is so much better :)

    In all seriousness action figure since I can pose my figure in different ways if I feel like.

  8. Honestly, I’m a statue kind of guy. Action figures are something I grew up with and love but I’ve found myself playing with them less and less over the years. Work and other things occupy my time a lot now.

    I’ve found statues to be a great way to still collect the characters I love and not feel bad about not taking them down and playing with them.

    I still like to look up at my old action figures on the shelf and occasionally take them down or add little hats, and stuff to them, or mix and match accessories (i’m weird that way), then pose them. But they’re basically statues to me these days without the pre-approved poses.

  9. Statues. Were I to buy one or the other, the purpose would be for decoration.

    As decoration, I feel that statues fill this role better. They typically come with a solid base and will stand up better. Action figures can do the same, but as I don’t play with them and they can be prone to falling down, I vote statues.

  10. Figures for me. Lots of statues that come out come in poses I’m not a big fan of and with figures, you can generally pose them the way you’d like. And they’ve got a lot better with likeness and what not. (I used to also collect wrestling figures as well)

  11. My vote is Action Figures, in part because I started back when I’d smash Boba Fett and Luke in an X-Wing together for an epic battle, part because size means more can fit in less space, part because often more variety of characters, and a large part due to cost.

  12. Action figures are great because not only do I get that memory of the character, but I also get to kick back and fondly reminisce on childhood.

    That said, I now prefer statues because I think they are better suited for decorative purposes and still give me that exposure to my favorite character.

  13. I had to go with “action figure.” I would prefer statues (I love the attention to detail artists are able to put into them), but I can’t really afford them. So for now, I collect the higher-end action figures.

  14. I went with statues since to me they are able to really capture the feel of the character then an action figure can. Not to say that action figures aren’t awesome. (Looks above his desk to see his collection of wow action figures staring at him like a creepy doll) But I would rather have that cool looking statue doing a hand stand or batman coming down like… batman onto a bad guy then a action figure a cant so the same thing with.

  15. Action figures all the way – I HAVE to be able to play with my boys with them!!! Plus I don’t get “that look” from the wife if I buy them…

  16. Action Figures: Because, what’s the point off having the figure if you cannot make Batman teabag Wolverine after his epic win?

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