With Batman, The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 set to hit stores on September 25, 2012, our thoughts turn to the Batman of the future, and we found Coran “Kizer” Stone’s interpretation of the character.

This is part of something I created a while back called the “Ego Series”

Sort of based of Frank Millers “Dark Knight Returns” story from the late 80’s

I thought I’d show Bruce Wayne in his late 40’s though.

THought that instead of making him a womanizing billionaire, playboy I’d make him more of a ruthless, money hungry, asshole of a business man who treats everyone around him like complete crap. From the press that interviews him to the employees that work under him. Sort of Gordon Gekko if yah will. Now even though this isn’t who Bruce is subconsciously, he knows that if he Acts this way he must look the part. So I chose to grease back his hair, 5 o clock his face, drape him in an expensive suit and give him a smile to fit his endless sarcasm. A look that if he slid on a cheaper pair of threads, could pass as the some of the gangsters he pummel as the Bat.

Who would think an asshole like this would risk his life every night to save Gotham from the real ones. Not too many I’m thinking.

via Deviant Art