What is a surgeon/coke head to do after they losing his medical license? Begin doing highly illegal organ transplants on the black market of course! Major Spoilers can’t get you a new kidney, but we can tell you how things shake out in issue #2 of Harvest.

HARVEST #2 (of 5)
Writer: A.J. Lieberman
Artist: Colin Lorimer
Letterer: Brandon DeStefano
Editor: Laura Tavishati
Publisher: Image
Cover Price: $3.50

Previously in Harvest: After showing up to perform surgery high on cocaine (and probably smelling like hookers,) Dr. Benjamin Dane loses his medical license. Dane saves the life of a powerful man’s daughter and is approached by a mysterious dude about a new opportunity…but blacks out mid-meeting after bumping too much coke.


Dr. Benjamin Dane didn’t think his life could get any worse after losing his medical license. Who was he without surgery? Just a guy looking for some answers at the bottom of a barrel. Fortunately for us, Dane’s life does get worse…much worse.

This month’s issue explores the doctor’s descent into the highly lucrative world of underground organ transplants. Reluctant to take part in the operation, the doctor cannot stay away from the OR for very long. It isn’t too long before Dane uncovers some disturbing secrets about his employers and that he’s made a terrible decision

The story expands a little bit on the relationship between Noah and Ben. Noah is the little boy who mysteriously appears at the end of the first issue to let Ben know just what state his life is in. Context clues lead us to believe that Noah’s mother is the woman that Ben couldn’t save in the first issue. The little boy provides comic relief in a very dark story and had me chuckling a few times.


The issue seemed really short, but I think that’s because I read it so fast. The writer manages to squeeze a lot of story into a single issue, enter Colin Lorimer. The artist knew exactly what he is doing. Each panel is laid out intelligently as we are guided through Ben’s dark tale. The monochromatic palette carries through the somber tone of the story and reminds us that however this ends, it will not be ending well.

The cover art is beautiful and while it doesn’t tell much about the story, it really sucked me into the issue.


As long as the five-part series keeps up its momentum, it will be a homerun. I cannot wait to pick up issue 3!

Rating: ★★★★★


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