In the last few issues Tony has taken a back seat will other characters get to bask in the sunlight. Will this trend keep up? Will Tony ever get out of the hospital? Is Toni connected to more characters than we know? Will Colby ever start shooting lasers out of his eye? Is Mason Savoy Tony’s actual father? Some of these questions and more are answered as Major Spoilers takes a look inside Chew #28!

Chew #28
Writer: John Layman
Artist: Rob Guillory
Colors: Rob Guillory, Taylor Wells
Letters: John Layman
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.99


Previously in Chew: Tony Chu took a nasty beating at the hands of Amelia’s ex-boyfriend and he is still recovering in the hospital. Due to him being out of the picture temporarily, his friends and family have taken over the spotlight in the series. There was also a thing about a rooster. It was awesome.


Over the course of Tony’s detective journeys he has worked with a few different individuals, two of whom are the prominent figures this issue. Agent Colby and Valenzano both have the same idea in mind when their different superiors come down on them to wrap up a case. The idea? Breakout Tony so they can use his cibopathic abilities to finish in record time. The case they are tasked is taking down a scientist who figured out how to turn decomposing meat into deadly explosives. In the world of Chew this honestly doesn’t seem too abnormal.

The zaniness in this issue is saved for when Colby pumps Tony full of painkillers, which makes him start hallucinating and seeing everyone with animal bodies. Watching Colby feed Tony drugs in the last two issues has resulted in hilarity all around and gives us more insight to the relationship that the two have. And of course the issue had to feature new series star Poyo. This crazy, cybernetic rooster has provided a combination of funny and violent that Chew is known for, but eventually I think he is going to have to be shelved because he’s an immediate solution for every lethal situation; and when you have a weapon like that suspense can be lost in tense moment. COUGH Superman COUGH.

When the issue is all said and done we know that the next issue of Chew won’t pick up right where this leaves off story wise, and that has been the status quo for this Space Cakes arc. As you go back through the last three issues you get a clear sense that Layman is not only expanding on the readers’ knowledge of secondary characters, but also dropping bits of story here and there as he gears up for the last half of the series. It’s going to be one crazy, food pun filled ride as we make our way to issue 60.


If you have been a regular reader of Chew then you are aware that there is generally a degree of blood and gore involved with the unraveling story of Tony Chu. If you are a fan of this, don’t fret, for there is plenty more of that here. In the opening prologue a model is blown up on the runway and all that is left are her feet with bones sticking straight up, with the rest of her body strewn out across the viewers. Poyo is also released so you can only imagine the blood and mayhem that followed. Can the severed limbs become too much at times? Possibly, but they always look so well done that I look past it. I’m just hoping Guillory isn’t using real life reference material for his work.


The Internet has been rumbling of readers not enjoying this issue or current arc, which I can honestly understand why. Instead of a through storyline like every other arc has featured, the Chew team has decided to take these issues and tell, seemingly, the wackiest stories they possibly can. Yet, inside that they are laying down foundation for stories that are yet to come and expanding the Chewniverse. While Chew #28 may not be the ideal place for new readers to jump on returning readers should have a fun time with the issue.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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