DRAGON*CON: Parade of pictures


Major Spoilerite, Frank attended Dragon*Con in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, and he sent over a plethora of pictures of people on parade in their fancy duds and well made costumes.

This is the 10th year my wife and I have gone to Dragon*Con.  In 2003, most of the costumes were Stormtroopers, courtesy of the 501st.
Now, in 2012, there is a wide variety of genres represented, including Science Fiction,gaming, YA, comics, Steampunk, horror, comedy, and science. There was a strong representation of Medieval/Fantasy costumes from Tolkien, LARPers, the Society of Creative Anachronism, and Game of Thrones.

Thanks Frank, and remember Spoilerites, if you have been to a convention, show, event, and/or signing, and you have pictures to share, send them our way, as we’re happy to feature them!