I sent the call out on Twitter for followers to share their favorite characters.  Enter Razerbug and his love for Kyle Rayner.  That sent me on a search for today’s Art Appreciation Moment of the Day and it turned up Adam Withers.

Commission from the Motor City con 2011. Copic marker & ink.

This was for a guy that we do work for every year at MCC. He has people do work on small index card sized boards with each character being a different card in a playing deck. He’s got a Legion of Super Heroes deck, a golden age DC (JSA/All-Star Squadron) deck, and now – happy day! – a Green Lantern Corps deck.

So when he came up to us and asked me if there was any GL I’d really like to do for him… you all KNOW what I said, right? BOOM!

I was so in the zone on this that I threw on some marker and ink for him just because. He’s gotten a lot of work from us, he’s a great guy, the boards aren’t that big, and hey – I LOVE drawing Kyle Rayner.

I would love to see a playing card deck featuring art by a single artist for all the characters in the DCU/Marvel U/Image Comics, etc.

Good call, Razerbug!

via Deviant Art