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The Dreamland Chronicles has its share of fans. With over half a million daily hits on this popular webcomic and over 1,500 pages of story, this is the THIRD successful Kickstarter drive for Scott Christian Sava, creator of the award winning series.

“Kickstarter has been a fantastic way for me to fund the printing of each volume of The Dreamland Chronicles by letting the readers Pre-Order the books.” Sava explains. “We’ve successfully done this for Books Four and Five in the series… and now, we’re kicking it up a notch for our Book Six Kickstarter drive this year!”

Scott turned to longtime friend and Marvel Artist (Wolverine, Avengers, X-Men) Frank Cho for a favor. “The readers of my comic have been so amazing every year.” Sava added “I wanted to do something special. I wanted to thank them with something truly special.”

And they got it. Cho has already begun illustrating an epic battle scene filled with all of the major characters depicted in The Dreamland Chronicles. Dragons, Elves, Fairies, Dwarves, Giants, and more will battle it out in an enormous 22×57 inch pen and ink masterpiece that will be captured in a limited edition print.

“Having Frank illustrate my characters has been something I’ve wanted to see since we met a dozen years ago.” Sava laughed “Now, to have him illustrate ALL of my characters locked in battle in an epic poster format… at the height of his career? I couldn’t just keep it to myself. I wanted the world to see it.”

All backers of $25 or more will be receiving a print along with their other backing rewards of The Dreamland Chronicles Books.

For daily updates and previews of Frank’s work in progress… check out the Kickstarter page!


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