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Lords of the Feywild

This episode: The fog is thick and so is the party as they deal with each other in the Fields of Autumn.


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  1. My insomnia was in full swing tonight (again), so I listened to the podcast as soon as it came out (this is getting to be a habit, and I’m not sure how I feel about that). I am sure how I feel about this episode, and I love 172 (actually 164, but Rodrigo said 172, so I’m going with it) as well. I think Matthew, Rodrigo, and I will have to have a battle royale for this episode’s love.

    This episode was full of hilarity and seriousness. Between Torq being unable to count how many times Orem has saved him, the adventures of Ket, Orem, and Pumpkin Randus, and the Orem/Torq exchanges, I don’t think I’ve found myself closer to tears with laughter in quite a while. Add to that the conversations that Trelle had with both Torq and Kammus, and this episode is one of the most well rounded in a long time.

    Very nice work lady and gentlemen (and Matthew).

  2. “Are you gonna turn me into a pumpkin?” I lost it right there and then, great episode, I’m keeping this bookmarked for when someone says “you need combat for a good D&D night”.

    • My favourite from that conversation was “Did you turn Camis into fog?” And the results of testing to see which person the magic pumpkin would follow by separating themselves was priceless too. #woops

  3. Fantastic episode. Go Trelle! Rodrigo and Trelle really made that last scene come alive. Also, pumpkin.

    You should put character and player names in the sidebar. Maybe borderlands style “title screens”.

  4. Loved this episode… it was mind-bendingly awesome, which made the part of me that loves great high-concept sci-fi very happy. I also happened to be listening to the episode the moment it came out in the middle of a sleepless night. However, I think this episode should be enjoyed after a full night’s sleep.

    The threat the Greater Fae represent that has been hinted at more and more lately starts to become clearer. I love the character work that has resulted from the differing philosophies Camis and Trelle, especially about emotions in the Feywild.

    And as a philosophy major I usually really enjoy the metaphysical discussions that have popped up along the Torqueltones’ travels, though I must admit that the discussion between Orem and Camis about the following the Path of the Fool when the gang was involved with The Hogba went over my head.

  5. Why did you turn Randus into a pumpkin? – Please dont turn me into a pumpkin.
    I allmost crashed my car!
    The whole crew do a great job, but Stephen was f*ing Venkman in this episode.

  6. This really is probably one of the best episodes since the university incident during the Celestial Crusade. I love it when Rodrigo engineers situations for the players to just interact with each other for awhile. The results are always podcasting gold.

    This is the part where I wish I had kept up with my drawing back when I was younger, because my mind is begging me to draw a picture of a gadget-wielding pumpkin. (The pumpkin’s nebulous true identity and purpose notwithstanding)

    Also, congrats on picking up audible as a sponsor; it’s a great source for audiobooks and I heartily recommend them to anyone who wishes they could do more reading but can’t find the time. I drive for a living and audible makes my workday fly by.

  7. Another vote for “Why did you turn Randus into a pumpkin? Please don’t turn me into a pumpkin,” as my favorite line since “I don’t even have an uncle!” Great episode, can’t wait to hear next week’s.

  8. WOW!!!
    I usually give my Critical Hit praise via twitter. But I’d probably use up the whole tweet filling in everyone’s handles.
    Everyone did a marvelous job working the character play during this episode.
    Super thanks to Rodrigo and Trelle for making me consider what the status effects of “kissed” would be :)
    It’s going to be a long week of anticipation.
    Thanks and congratulations!

  9. Great episode. This will be added to the list of “classics”.

    Now, is it weird that I felt a little uncomfortable listening to the ladies arguing? I had to keep reminding myself that this is not real!

    That’s awesome story-telling right there …

  10. Awesome! Wow! Love this show. Love all of the characters. Love Rodrigo. Guys keep up the good work. By far my favorite podcast and I listen to a lot!

  11. Lesbian elves….seriously? Seriously? Ehh…well, y’all are telling these stories for your own enjoyment, not mine, so obviously its your world to play in.

    Anyway, I loved the rest of the episode, and as basically everyone else has said, the bit with the pumpkin and Orem’s conversation with Ket was just beyond hysterical. My wife looked at me while I was nuts as I leaned over the sink, cackling to myself while I washed dishes. I have a feeling that the little exchange about the pumpkin is going to be one of those things that hangs around inside my head, occasionally intruding into my daily routine to make me chuckle at odd moments.

  12. XantharTheFlame on

    Two words: Epic Comedy
    I loved this episode! “I love you #172!!” Awesome! My favourite so far.
    *Everybody* was a roleplaying genius. I don’t know which was funnier – Torq saying Orem “saved my life more times than I can count” (and yes, I got it too), or the whole bit between Ket & Orem about the pumpkin.
    Well done!

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