Are you a fan of cosplay, photography, and free stuff? Oh, you are? I figured as much. Well this should make your day. Heroes, Villians, & Jedi is a photography book about cosplay and it’s free! Take the jump to learn more.

Heroes, Villians, & Jedi is a book by Kevin Knight which features over 100 pictures of cosplayers that were taken at different conventions or just some random locations. The great part is you have almost no reason to not own a copy because you can download it free from Apple’s iBookstore! You really can’t beat that deal.

I downloaded a copy of the book for my own enjoyment and it is chalk full of fantastic cosplay. From Batman to Vader to Ghostbusters to a Dalek there is surely at least two pictures that you will enjoy. My favorite is Bobba Fett channeling his inner Barney Stinson and suiting up. Go download a copy for your self. It only costs you a few seconds of your time and you get to support a fellow member of the geek culture. If you want to check out more of Kevin’s work then you can go to and maybe you’ll even buy a print of your favorite picture.

Well maybe you don’t have an iPad yet to view all these wonderful photographs, then what should you do? Enter the Major Spoilers Costume Contest 2012 is what! And don’t worry, if  you have already entered you can enter again to increase your chances to be able to download Heroes, Villians, and Jedi.  But let’s be honest, everyone is shooting for second place because that person will win a full scale replica of an Aperture Labs Portal Gun. Third place get’s a mystery prize, so it could be awesome or it could be awesome, we’ll just have to wait and see. Check out all the rules for the contest right here.

Happy cosplaying everyone!


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