SOLICITATIONS: League of Champions #14 on sale now


Heroic Publishing’s flagship superhero team is back in an all new issue of League of Champions that features artwork by Dick Giordano.

The gauntlet has been thrown down! And it’s up to our heroes in the League of Champions to save the world from the sinister threat of the Lords of Chaos!

But is that really what’s going on? Or is there more to the mysterious AURA than meets the eye?

The answers begin to unfold in the long-awaited 14th issue of The League of Champions, featuring FLARE and the all-new GIANT versus the MOUNTAIN MASTER by Dennis Mallonee and Chris Marrinan, DOCTOR ARCANE and the all-new TIGRESS in battle against the FOREST FIEND by Dennis Mallonee and the late great DICK GIORDANO, plus ICESTAR and SPARKPLUG versus the DESERT DESPOT by Dennis Mallonee and Terry Pallot.

Heroic Publishing doesn’t currently sell through a digital comics distributor, like comiXology, but you can order digital PDF copies directly from the Heroic Publishing website for $4.99.

via Heroic Publishing