The sad passing of actor Michael Clarke Duncan over the weekend triggered all sorts of weird thought processes in my brain-wiring, as these sort of losses almost always do.  Questions like “How good was The Green Mile?” and “Would more Kilowog have made Green Lantern any better?” rumble through my brain (the answers, of course, being “SO good!” and “It sure as hell couldn’t have made it much worse.”)  But one of the most interesting bits in my head was noting that M.C.D. played the role of Wilson Fisk in the gawdawful ’03 Daredevil movie, a role first realized in live-action some years before by John Rhys-Davies, Salla from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ (though perhaps best remembered these days as Gimli in ‘Lord Of The Rings.’)

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) finds that kind of varied pedigree to be fascinating, asking: Should the Daredevil reboot happen, who would you like to see filling the size 18 loafers of the Kingpin?


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  1. No. They should never make another Daredevil movie. Ever. Let’s face is, DD is, at best, one of Marvel’s second stringers with a small fan base. I’d rather see Marvel put their movie resources into more from the Avengers series of character movies than diluting their time and money across too many properties. They could, instead of wasting millions doing another bad Daredevil or Ghost Rider movie, use the money to buy back the rights to – say – Spiderman, the X-men or The Fantastic Four.

  2. Coininsidentally, I was thinking about this exact dilemma last week (before MCD even passed away) and while he doesn’t have much acting ability, and is probably in his 60’s, I was thinking of another wrestler, King Long Bundy.

  3. “it was a nice piece of work…” Nathan Jones (Fearless, The Protector), a Kingpin that knows his way around a fight scene. Daredevil (as stated above) is a second-stringer,that’s part of the heart of the character, an underdog fighting for underdogs. They could always stick him in the next Spider-Man to gauge reaction, which beats a crappy PG-13 reboot. The Miller thing would have worked as a small-budget, hard R with it’s own sensibility.

  4. Who to play the Kingpin? Let’s see. We need someone quite large, intelligent, in control of every situation and undertaking both upfront and covertly.

    I would say: Matthew Patterson.

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