In this issue: It’s a Dalek party, and the Doctor is in the house! Monstrosis rips through the Silver Age of monsters, with Damsels in distress, a Scam is going on, and Peter Dragon battles The Dragon!


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Your hosts sit down to discuss the Asylum of the Daleks episode of Doctor Who (SPOILER ALERT!)

Artis: ANEKE
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.99
SOLICITATION: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, and Snow White come together with other damsels in a new adventure filled with danger and intrigue. In Damsels, the alluring princesses of classic fairy tales take up arms to save their kingdoms from war. Rediscover the darkness at the heart of fairy tales and why they’ll be no happily ever after. Damsels opens with Rapa wishing she had not got out of bed that morning, if she had a bed to get out of that is. The day began badly and has gone rapidly and literally downhill ever since. A series of peculiar and baffling encounters throw obstacle after obstacle into her path, intent it seems on preventing her progress. The thing is, until today she had no idea she was trying to make any progress, toward anything! A collection of hazy memories and bewildering tattoos are all she has to help her figure it all out, and to be honest, she’d just as soon not bother. Around her, we see the mountain city of Caumont thrown into overdrive by the arrival of Queen Talia and King Aurore of Perrault. The streets are thronged with cheering people, does it matter they aren’t exactly sure why they are cheering, or for whom?

Rating: ★★★☆☆

48 pages FC  • $3.99  •  Teen+
Covers by ALEX ROSS (25%), JOHN CASSADAY (25%), JAE LEE (25%), ARDIAN SYAF (25%)
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• DAVE GIBBONS “classic retro”cover retailer incentive
• PETE MORISI “classic retro” cover retailer incentive
• GEORGE TUSKA “classic retro”cover retailer incentive
• JAE LEE black & white art cover retailer incentive
Peter Cannon is a world-famous author, an international celebrity, and the superhero known as Thunderbolt, acknowledged far and wide as the man who saved the world from destruction. Unfortunately, he has little interest in fame, even less interest in people, and the peace he has created is based on an illusion. Now, as old and new enemies plan to destroy his efforts—unaware of the secret he carries—Peter Cannon must fight to keep the peace and preserve his own existance, while fending off deadly foes…and mysterious admirers. Join co-writer Steve Darnall and co-writer/cover artist Alex Ross for the story of a hero who discovers that sometimes…things are not all what they seem!
• 48 pages!
• FEATURING A forEwOrd by Mark (Kingdom Come) Waid

Rating: ★★★★☆

SCAM #1 
Story & Art – Joe Mulvey
Digital Inks – John Ercek and Jules Rivera     
Colors – Andrew Crossley
Letters – AndWorld Design
Cover – JoeMulvey and Andrew Crossley
Editor – Tyler James and Steven Forbes
Publisher: ComixTribe
SCAM: “X-Men meets Oceans 11” where a team of super-powered grifters on the biggest con of their lives to take down a Vegas casino try to get revenge on a former teammate who double-crossed them.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

Major Spoilers Poll of the Week
This week, Major Spoilerite Silvergray (if that is his real name) once again ponders the on-going battle between Marvel and DC, but couches it in a way we haven’t thought of before.  In each universe there is a major newspaper that circulates the news, both good and bad regarding superheroes.  Each of those newspapers is run by an Editor in Chief, but who sells the more papers, Perry White or J. Jonah Jameson?


MONSTERS! Giant monsters to be exact. Big bug-eyed monsters in the grand tradition of Jack Kirby and all of the comics we used to know and love. One of the oddest comics you will ever read, Monstrosis follows our favorite hero Doris Danger as she delves deep into the mystery of the giant monsters that seem to be everywhere.

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  1. Insomnia has me in her throes tonight, so I’m listening to the podcast already. I just got past the review of the Doctor Who premiere, and I feel like responding to it.

    1. The crew of the Teselecta (tiny time traveling people in the morphing robot) know that the Doctor is alive. It was revealed in “The Wedding of River Song” that he was in the Teselecta on the shores of Lake Silencio.

    2. Going back to “The Wedding of River Song” again, as Stephen mentioned, Dorium Maldovar (blue head guy) calls out the question “Doctor Who?” and it is implied that this question is the question the Silence believe will be answered by the Doctor on the fields of Trenzalore at the fall of the Eleventh.and cause “Silence to Fall.”

    I think that the Doctor is going to come face to face with the Daleks again – probably through manipulation by the Silence – and the question is going to be raised. Somehow the Doctor is going to “make them remember him” (kind of like he told Amy to do during this episode). The Daleks, realizing that they have been manipulated by the Silence into going up against their worst enemy (who they don’t remember) will turn on the Silence and destroy them all.

    There is my theory for so many of the things that Moffat has up in the air.

  2. I did not listen to the review of the Doctor Who episode, cuz like Matthew I don’t want my Doctor spoiled. But “The Wedding of River Song” only shows that the “time police” inside the Teselecta gave him the robot. They don’t know what he actually did with it. Mainly b/c according to their records he will always die at Lake Silencio. It’s never blatantly stated, maybe implied but … yeah

  3. My issue with Asylum of the Daleks is that other than a few moments, the Daleks aren’t the scariest part of the episode… the pretty girl in the spaceship that bakes impossible soufflés and has way too much control over things than she should is… and you know your monsters are overplayed when they are less scary than a young brunette who can’t bake. (maybe she doesn’t have any milk, and that’s why her soufflés don’t work out.

    There were a few great moments though. The Doctor prattling on about how anything living or dead gets zombified by the nanobots while sitting in a room full of spooky skeletons was great. I liked the Dalek Senate scenes, and I did like the Rory “eggs” / “ex..” bit. Rory gets his awesome moment too, so it balances out.

    As for the Poll of the Week, I agree with the comment that was read saying that the Bugle seems more like an actual newspaper, so I think they sell more papers and the Daily Planet is really a front for Perry White’s Fortune 500 company.

  4. There was a point where I was listening to this episode and I was wondering if Zack is Stephens Oldest son who had gone back in time to be on the podcast like the Episode of DS9 where Molly O’Brain ages years and becomes a feral child or in Zacks case a nerd. Which if you think about it is kinda like being a Feral child.

    Just thought I would share I know its odd.

    • The very idea of this sparks many nerdgasms in me. The thought that “The Boy” would go back in time to be closer to his father is amazing to me.

      It does however raise the question of “What would ‘The Sidekick’ do to one up his brother?” though.

      Is Rob “The Sidekick”? Is it possible that Matthew is actually “the Sidekick” who went even further back in time to one-up his older brother? Who knows!?

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