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Arcana is excited to announce the return of Brooke Burgess, the award-winning creator of Broken Saints, at the helm of a new title, Becoming, which is to be released in November 2012.

Working with up-and-coming artist Dane Cypel, Brooke has brought Becoming to life in spectacular fashion, crafting a definite “must read” when it hits stands this November. Take a look, below, at a trailer just released for the book, as well as some preview pages from the title.

Anyone interested in the title should contact their local comic book shops or book retailers and ask them to carry the book, or they can pre-order it online from various online retailers. Also, between now and the physical release of the book, Becoming is being released digitally on ComiXology in three “Acts”, through the thrilling conclusion. You can download the digital copies of the books (issue 1 is available now and issues 2-3 are forthcoming) by heading to

WRITER: Brooke Burgess
ARTIST: Dane Cypel
RELEASE DATE: November 2012
ISBN: 978-1-926914-65-7
PRICE: $14.95
At a remote university, an angry young student faces the harsh realization that he has nothing to show for years of study.  When he threatens his professor to teach him something real, he is drawn into a horrifying game of life and death.  Soon, he will learn that the only rule is pain, and that true knowledge only comes when everything you believe…has burned away.

via Arcana

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Press Release

Press Release