TOYS: Diamond Select bringing back 7-inch Star Trek line


Fans have been questioning Diamond about when they will finally bring back their favorite 7-inch Star Trek figures and the company finally has an answer. Take the jump to see who is being made available first and when it’s hitting shelves.

For the big return of this line, Diamond is offering up one of the most iconic characters ever with….theremin roll please…Mr. Spock! Spock, as well as all future characters, will come with interchangeable parts so you can better reenact your favorite moments. Spock comes with interchangeable legs, hands, and face in the vain of the “Devil in the Dark” episode. Every figure will also come with a diorama style base for even more enjoyable playing or to just look cool on your shelf, your choice.

I have been loving the figures that are coming out with the interchangeable parts. They just allow you to position your high detailed sculpts in such a way that you generally wouldn’t be able to. Diamond is using this especially well with designing the parts as to act out specific scenes from episodes.

Spock is available to pre-order from you local comic book shop now, but no announcement on the price has been made. The figure will be available early 2013, with a Captain James T. Kirk to be following shortly.