Top Five #024: Top Five Things We Are Too Old For, But Love Anyway

Top Five #027: Favorite Drinks

Top Five is a show where the hosts categorize, rank, compare, and stratify everything… from cars to gadgets to people and movies. From stuff that is hot, and things that are not nearly as interesting – it’s Top Five.

When your throat is parched, what do you grab to quench that undying thirst that is driving you mad?


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  1. Coke over Pepsi?! If we needed more proof that Rodrigo was evil.

    The best Cola by the way is Inca Cola, pretty rare in Canada thou…

  2. 1. Cold Orange Gatorade, I used to run a lot and water just isn’t enough, necessary but not enough. Also every time I drink it I remember Rob getting hit upside the head by a fully frozen quart bottle of it and the bottle ricocheting around the room.

    2. Coca-Cola, same reasons Rodrigo listed.

    3.Water, preferably cold.

    4.Milk, I drinks lots of it. One of my earliest memories is visiting my grandparents farm and getting real, unpasteurized, not hydrogenized, and completely untreated milk from a cow that morning.

    5. OJ, drink of choice on long flights.
    Also I don’t drink coffee or beer.

  3. I was listening to this, look across at the girl on the bus opposite me, and she has a moustache tattoo on her finger! Holy smoker coincidence Batman! I will email you the photo – I took the courage to ask her; opportunity not missed!

    And… coffee. Definitely.

  4. Due to Rodrigo’s influence, I tried Jamaica at a mexican restaurant. Due to that, it is thus Rodrigo’s fault that I have a vat of stain-fuel cooling on my countertop.

    Thank you, Rodrigo. My life needed this flavor.

    It’s easily #3 on my list (following Pomegranate Juice [Sweet, Tart and amazing for cutting through morning icky feelings] and Melted Ice Cream [Guilty Pleasure. Nothing like a lactose intolerance diagnosis to make you crave it]).

    #4 is my faithful friend, Pepsi Cola (My husband is a coke guy. It’s a mixed marriage).

    and #5 has to be Muscato (it’s a sweet desert wine. Another “I can’t have it so I crave it” thing. Cluster Headaches suck, but I get almost none as long as I keep away from alcohol).

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