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From today until the end of September, Keyleaf Comics will be offering all of their books (produced to date) as a bundle package for only ten dollars. This includes the MYTHOI Birth series, MYTHOI #1-9, Sim-I #0-4, DUST #0-5, The Heaven’s #0-3, and Drace Grey #0-2. That is all 32 comics ($23 worth), 614 pages, at over 50% off – $10.

MYTHOI (Birth and proper) is written by JAMES NINNESS, with illustrations by JED SORIANO, BRIAN SORIANO, and KEVIN WARWICK. Sim-I is written by JOE PEZZULA, with illustrations by DANIEL TOUCHET. DUST, The Heaven’s, and Drace Grey are also written by JAMES NINNESS, with illustrations from JOHN NARCOMEY, TURBO QUALLS, and BRIAN SORIANO respectively. Colorists on these books include DAYLEN WRIGHT, CHRIS MAN and ANDREW RAKESTRAW.

“Though to us it feels like we’ve been around a while, Keyleaf has only been in existence for a few months,” said Keyleaf Comics CEO, Benjamin Glibert. “As a company we’ve grown, our standards are just a bit higher and we are trying new things to get new readers. In an effort to help them catch up with where we’re at, we think the Keyleaf Bundle is an affordable method. If you’ve been reading our books, this is a great way to try something new. No matter who you are, this is a win-win.”

The Keyleaf Bundle can be purchased at the Keyleaf Comics Store at between August 24 and September 30.

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