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This year at Baltimore Comic Con – Sept 8th & 9th – 215 Ink will unveil a deal previously unheard of in the comic community, small press or otherwise: a fully-functional Android 4.0 tablet loaded with the full lineup of 215 titles for just $99.

“We felt a lot of new readers were still waiting for a reason to try comics on a tablet device,” said President Andrew DelQuadro, “and this offers a chance to sample the next evolution of the medium at a price point that won’t break the bank. We hope this translates into new comic readers and can function as a gateway into all comic formats, digital as well as print.”

215 Ink has already had a big 2012 with 6 new series coming to the company from some of the best new talent in the industry, helping them to reach a wider audience with a more diverse line-up of comics.

“We feel this is a start of a banner year for 215 Ink,” continued DelQuadro, “with the tablet, our new titles and the recent sell out and subsequent 2nd printing of our critically acclaimed series ‘Beware …’, we’re ripe for the whole industry to take notice.”

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