With the end of the ongoing Voodoo series, artist Sami Basri’s monthly series is now complete, leaving the artist theoretically open for business.  After his runs on Voodoo and Power Girl, I’ve come to the slow realization that I really want to see him tackle a Zatanna solo series, taking one of DC’s most awesome-but-difficult-to-work-with characters and giving her another shot in the spotlight.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “detouqsim”) doesn’t recall having seen a lot of characters in the New 52, asking:
Are there artists whose style you believe would be perfect for a character who have somehow never DRAWN that character?


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  1. Robert Hulshof-Schmidt on

    It’s time for Ralph and Sue Dibny to enter the New 52, and Steve Lightle should handle the art. His sense of anatomy seems well-suited to Ralph, his care with faces is perfect for the couple, and his ability to do gritty and light both is perfect.

  2. I’m sure there are TONS of examples, but off the top of my head:

    – Marshall Rogers does a Zatanna series.
    – Frank Cho on the Power Girl (and maybe Huntress).
    – Francis Manupal (sp?) does The Teen Titans.
    – Mark Bagley does The Teen Titans.
    – John Byrne does Ted Kord Blue Beetle.

  3. justanothergeek on

    “This” backwards is “sihT” “not “Sith”.
    About the question:
    – I’d say J H Williams III drawing Dream (no matter which) but now it’s going to happen so awesomeness, he could draw Constantine and Tim Hunter tough, that would be perfection;
    – Cameron Stewart drawing Zatanna and Superman;
    – Peter Snebjerg, also on Zatanna (specifically on Zatanna) and Superman, actually Snejbjerg has drawn Superman in issue 75 of Starman but it was only that one and it was AMAZING, he has to draw every character in DCU for what’s worth;
    – While at it Darwyn Cooke hasn’t drawn Batman nearly enough (and he has drawn quite a few Batman) that short story in Solo #5 was the best Batman portrait (art-wise) ever;
    – Speaking of Batman, Guy Davis would be so perfect for the character that it’s criminal that it hasn’t happened yet, CRIMINAL I say;
    – Daniel Acuña on Vampirella is also something the world needs to see, also on Voodoo, and Power Girl,and Zatanna, and Superman.

    You know, this is a very rich topic, it’d be worth discussing it (at length) on a weekend show.

  4. zebsbetternow on

    What if John Byrne had drawn the last arc of Da Boys instead of John McCrea?
    John Romita, Jr., inked by Sienkiewicz, on Hellblazer.
    Walt Simonson on a (well-written) revival of the Midnight Sons.

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