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Furious Molecules, the team behind parody webseries Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later, originally announced that the series would have 7 episodes, much like the Harry Potter novels. But now they have revealed that the final installment will be split into two parts, like the movie adaptation.

Furious Molecules’ new parody webseries Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later premiered on YouTube on July 20th; in just under a week, the first episode garnered over 100,000 views. The first part of the seventh episode will be posted Friday, August 31st, and the second part of the seventh episode will be posted Friday, September 7th.

The webseries, colloquially known by the hashtag #HPplus10 online, takes a look at our hero ten years after taking down He-Whose-Name-Nobody-Quite-Remembers (but before that sappy epilogue full of kids). Things have changed significantly in Harry’s world. With no dark wizards or witches left, the Ministry of Magic’s Auror Department shuts down, leaving Harry unemployed. Ginny wants to start a family, Hermione is having doubts about her goody-goody lifestyle, and Ron… well, he’s Ron. Everything seems very average in a late-twenties-problem kind of way– but as always, trouble finds Harry yet again.’s Geek Mom blog calls it “a hilarious take on what might be going on in the lives of the Hogwarts alumni”, and The Mary Sue says, “Things are a bit different than the ‘all was well’ of Jo Rowling’s imagined future for the characters, but when it comes with as many laughs as this… we’re OK with that.” CraveOnline writes, “For a population that grew up with these films and are themselves just starting to move out, get a job, and have a life, this couldn’t be better designed.” The series has also been profiled on Vulture, io9, BoingBoing, and numerous other sites worldwide.

About Furious Molecules
Furious Molecules are a team of Los-Angeles-based artists wearing their hearts on their funny-bones — co-producers Matt DeNoto, Robert Quinn, and Dana DeRuyck. DeNoto (series writer/director/Harry) wrote and performed with award-nominated sketch comedy group Dynamite Kablammo; he also won the Golden Brad award for his comedic screenplay “Al’s Lamp.” Quinn (director of photography/original music/various characters) is a graduate of USC’s screenwriting department and the co-creator/co-writer of popular zombie webseries Bite Me. DeRuyck (various crew/effects makeup/Hermione) also performed with Dynamite Kablammo, in addition to being an actress in various film, TV, and theatre projects. For more information, visit, follow them on Twitter (, or “like” them on Facebook (

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Press Release

Press Release

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