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The Midwest Comic Book Association (MCBA) has announced that the 24th Annual MCBA FallCon Comic Book Party will take place in the Progress Center located on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on Saturday October 6th, 2012.

FallCon, expected to be the largest in its history, uniquely brings together many of wildly diverse elements of the world of comic books into a single 50,000 foot facility forging the opportunity for comic book readers, fans & collectors to meet the creators who make it graphically happen. Up close and personal. “Graphic Definition”

FallCon continues to benefit as a result of the regions legendary status as a comic book creator breeder reactor and it’s ever growing home grown comic book creative community, a numerically exploding fan & readership base and ultimately the recent adoption of cutting edge comic book culture by the much of the larger mainstream media.

An unique opportunity for the growing and evolving readership of comic books, long term fans, as well as newcomers, the Party atmosphere FallCon provides attendees to celebrate the medium as well as the opportunity to personally interface with comic book artists, inkers & writers. This includes working professionals, up and comers, independent & alternative voices, beginners, has beens, never will be’s and all types of creative practioners in between.

Of course no comic book party could be complete without hucksters! FallCon also features a gigantic comic book marketplace with comic book stores and dealers buying, selling and trading all things comic books. There will be literally tons of comic books (Around 100,000 golden age, silver age, bronze age, current and collectible comic books), trade paperbacks, graphic novels, original art, manga, action figures, statues, Star Wars & Trek, collectibles and the list goes on to a reasonable approximation of infinity.

At FallCon, expectation of the unexpected is generally expected! Costumed characters, hundreds of door prizes, surprise guests, portfolio reviews, attendees of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, sexes, characters and mundane’s from all walks of life will converge to celebrate a uniquely American art form that is called the comic book at it’s epicenter, the Midwest.

New and exciting creative alliances will be formed, collector dreams will be recognized or dashed, new friendships will be forged in the fires of common interests, local charities will be benefited, role playing costume characters will be masters of all they survey, creative types will be inspired and all will be as it should be. Something for everyone and everyone welcome!

  • Please add the MCBA FallCon Comic Book Party to your Event Notices/Calendar.
  • Event Name: FallCon Comic Book Party
  • Event Description: A New Fashioned Comic Book Convention – 150 Comic Book Creators In Attendance!
  • Date/Time of Event: Saturday, October 6, 2012 – 10AM to 5PM
  • Location of Event: MN. State Fairgrounds, Education Building, 1265 Snelling Ave North, St. Paul, MN. 55108
  • Admission: $8.00 per adult. Children 9 & Under Free. Get $1.00 off with a canned food shelf donation.
  • Event Website (Under Construction): – Complete Guest List Evolving Until Day of Party

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