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  1. Every time somebody at Marvel takes a dump, they promise it will change the Universe forever. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. I was big into the Ultimate Universe right up to Ultimatium. That just kinda killed it for me. I have picked up the random trade to read here and there. Some have been better than others. Some have been really good. Hopefully this will just keep making it better. I have heard good things so far.

  3. Ever since they killed Peter in this world I’ve been kind of losing interest. The whole current set of events was just full of yawnsville. I’ll complete this story arc for the time I’ve invested in the series but I may finally be cutting the Ultimate timeline out of my books if they don’t turn things around in the next few issues..

  4. See, I think killing Peter was a good thing and a step in the right direction. One of the biggest issues, that I have heard people complain about, is that it is to close to the standard Marvel U. I think it is better to have a Spider Man that is not Peter. They should have done that from the start. Like Alpha Flight was. It was a pretty different take on that Idea. Ultimatium just went to far. It was needed, but pretty extreme.

    • The Peter Parker example is a good one. They did something different, and it worked. But you can’t be successful by doing the same things differently, that only leads to Crystal Pepsi. The trick is to filter out the ideas that are different but unworkable…

    • On the Spider-Man side I do feel that changing up Peter worked.. however I felt that right at that time the rest of the Ultimate Universe just kind of fell apart on the changes they were making… The X-Men got boring and the Ultimate story line right around there went to the current one which.. so far hasn’t been keeping my interest.

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