There are days when you’re the windshield, and days where you’re a dragonfly on a hi-speed rendezvous with a squeegee, and recently it feels like I’ve been having a few more of the latter than the former.  With a new schedule, an old family, and the beginnings of third grade (this time, I hope to master fractions) this week has been somewhat exhausting, leaving me barely coherent but still able to sing remarkably like the guy from Coldplay.  But, as a wise man once said,’When life gives you lemons, invent a cliche.‘  Or maybe it was ‘Get a receipt?’  Either way, you have to admit, Ash Williams is pretty awesome.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would like to remind you that this is it’s boom-stick, asking:  What’s YOUR very favorite Bruce Campbell performance?


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  1. Honestly, I dug “My name is Bruce”. It was actually a lot of fun, had an atypical monster, a few good one liners, and (most important) my fiance, who is anti-horror as a rule, dug it.

  2. That’s a tough one, as I like him in everything he’s done. I like the Young Bruce Campbell from Army of Darkness, the Middle Age Bruce Campbell in Brisco County Jr, and Campbell the elder in Burn Notice.

    • I wish I could watch Army of Darkness four times a year, but I have a disapproving wife who disapproves… it’s odd though, she did get me a copy of the Army of Darkness script signed by Bruce Campbell many years ago for my birthday. That was followed a year later by an autographed script to They Live. To date, she has yet to get me an autographed script of Big Trouble in Little China…

  3. Bruce does an excellent job of upstaging Jeffrey Donovan every time he’s on screen and I loved the evolving mythos of Chuck Finley on Burn Notice. Beyond that, I always loved those one-off appearances he did on various TV shows, the best being Magnanimous on Megas XLR.

  4. Ash got to be in 3 films he made me both wet myself in fear an laughter. How excuse me …we got a witch to carve.

  5. That would be whichever one I am currently watching. Bruce Campbell is awesome, smothered with awesome sauce with a double heaping of awesome sprinkles on top.

  6. Gotta be “Bubba Ho-Tep”. There’s a reason people say “Hail to the King” when they see Bruce, and his performance here is that reason. It’s Bruce at his campy best, but it’s also a legitimately solid turn as a burned-out Elvis plagued with regrets and “growth on his pecker”.

  7. 2003 will long be remembered as the year cinema peaked. Never before has a (do I dare degrade myself and this immortal masterpiece by lessening it with such an earthly celluloid character?) film conquered time’s fickle fads. Like Tututkamen’s golden visage, the eternal existentialism Bubba Ho-Tep brings to the proverbial platter will forever flow down the Nile of generations, to be weighed at the End Times against such classics as The Ten Commandments, The African Queen, and Honeymoon in Vegas. Based on the novella ‘King’s Hourglass,’ Bubba Ho-Tep picks up where 3000 Miles to Graceland left off – with the ancient conflict between the indulgence of the young and the regret of age. The director intelligently thrusts the wide-eyed viewer into the pantied crotch of youth’s impatience while exposing experience’s unapologetic perversion. The Christ figure (Elvis reprising his role from True Romance) repeatedly struggles with an identity of Shakespearean mystery while the flaccid world around him is subjugated by patronizing nurses apathetically rubbing indifferent salve on a blistered landscape. Society has had its soul sucked out through its arse, barely hanging in there like mutton chops on badly applied spirit gum, and just as the potentate protagonist begins to conquer the surrendering impotence of teased epiphany, shattering the debilitating roommates of racial awareness and character assassination, his yearnings for a idyllic past are interrupted by a foe both unstoppable and easily flammable. No boom stick will lead him through this one-man army of darkness. Amidst the rich metaphor concerning old world glory succumbing to western colonialism, the ‘cowboy pharoah’ eventually *SPOILER ALERT* chooses death over life over life after death, scattering limbs of prehistoric wisdom down the river of eternity. And, yes Virginia, Elvis has left a building of Roarkian proportions. If only I had tears left to share with Lisa Marie…

  8. Burn Notice for me, first season of Brisco County. Wasn’t really into Jack of All Trades maybe I’l give it another shot.

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