Image Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving this week.  Take the jump for an early look at ’68, Butcher Baker, Elephantmen, Fatale, Pigs, and more.

’68: Scars #2
In the heart of war-torn Saigon, a handful of battered survivors hold Tan Son Nhat Airport against an endless army of Viet Cong and the shambling dead. Crumbling bunkers defend the outer perimeter as inside… a seething hatred builds. And in the jungle, the desperate remainders of a deep recon SEAL team meet their luckless rescuers in the dripping shadows of a tropical slaughterhouse.

As old wounds heal, new ones open… and souls are laid bare.

Creators MARK KIDWELL, NAT JONES and JAY FOTOS continue their epic of military/zombie horror in this second part of the ongoing ’68 series: ’68: SCARS!

Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker #8 (MR)
Just when things couldn?t get any weirder? Just when the nightmare couldn?t get any darker? Just when it you thought it was safe to go back in the comic book store, it’s the newest issue of BUTCHER BAKER! This issue: The envelope is finally pushed to the breaking point!


Elephantmen #42
Sahara is pregnant, Panya is pregnant… and their lives are at risk.

Fatale #7
BRUBAKER and PHILLIPS best-selling occult noir series continues its second arc, as the dark secrets of mid-70s Los Angeles begin to creep into Josephine’s new life. Drugs, sex, cults, fame, and murder, all walk hand in hand in the shadow of demonic forces.

Invincible #94

Pigs #8
The stunning conclusions to the “SAN QUENTIN BLUES” saga.
Everyone changes.

The Red Diary / The Re[a]d Diary Flipbook
KRISTIANSEN’s European Album is newly translated to English by TEDDY KRISTIANSEN and STEVEN T. SEAGLE. But in a unique flip-novel format, the book is also “re-mixed” with a completely different script devised by SEAGLE before he collaborated on the translation. Both versions – THE RED DIARY – a tale of art forgery and World War and THE RE[A]D DIARY – a tale of identity theft and lost love – comprise this unique graphic novel from SEAGLE and KRISTIANSEN – the Eisner nominated/winning team behind the acclaimed Vertigo graphic novel it’s a bird….

Revival #2
Meet Blaine Abel ,snowmobile mechanic, and part time demonologist. Blaine isn’t too pleased to have the dead walking around his town and he’s about to do something about it. Dana deals with the aftermath of what went down at the farm, as citywide cabin fever escalates. And Em justs wants someone to hit her. Art by Eisner nominated creator, MIKE NORTON!

Saga #6
The epic hit series continues, as Alana and her baby finally reach the legendary Rocketship Forest, where everything changes forever.

Supreme #66
Supreme is out for blood and Suprema is our last hope – or is she…? Featuring a guest star you have to see to believe!

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