MOVIES: Joe Carnahan’s Daredevil pitch falls flat


In order for 20th Century Fox to keep the Daredevil franchise, the studio needs to be in production by October 10, 2012.  Joe Carnahan had a gritty take on the character set in the ’70s, but the studio turned the idea down.

Now on the internet are two sizzle reels that were used to give the studios a feel for what he was aiming for.

If Carnahan could have pushed the movie to a hard R or even NC-17 that is seen above, that would have been one intense movie, and I would have lined up for that one.

The big question now is what will happen to Daredevil? If the character goes back to Marvel/Disney, there is little chance we’ll see a movie hit theaters anytime before 2017, if the studio even decides to reboot the character and movie.

If the NC-17 version was too intense for you, here is a tamer version for you.