Being on the ultimate cutting edge of pop culture, I discovered last night that there has been some sort of sporting event on television for the last few days, involving hopping about and leaping off stuff and possibly special necklaces.  For a little while, I suspected it was a new season of Super Sentai, but the Brazilian volleyball players didn’t really fit that paradigm.  But this errant thought led to my wondering how Gokai Green might do on uneven bars (which, frankly, is the kind of thought process that kept me out of the really good schools) and whether he has enough chutzpah to outdo Gabby Douglas.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is not at all impressed with Barry Allen, asking:
What fictional character would you send to the real Summer Games, and in what event would you enter them?


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  1. This brings up a question I asked myself not long ago, how do the Olympics work in the Marvel and DC universe?

    Is there some ridiculous amount of testing going on for athletes or is it a honor system type deal?

    As for who should participate I though about girls volleyball and my mind has yet to return to any type of functionality…

    • I would think they’d have a rigorous screening process to make sure no one mutant or metahuman powers snuck in. Although then again, they’d probably invent some kind of superpowered weight class for many of their events just so those athletes with powers don’t feel left out.

  2. Captain America in everything.
    He could beat Batman due to the super serum stuff.
    But, Beast in any gymnastics contest would be cool too!

  3. Flash = Track
    Aquaman = Swimming
    Nightcrawler = Gymnastics
    Batman = Judo
    Zhangeif = Wrestling
    Wolverine = Boxing (power on the inside and can’t be KO’d means furry Mike Tyson)
    Black Cat = Floor Exercise
    Avengers = Basketball
    Any female from a Zenescope title = Womens Volleyball

  4. Powergirl and Huntress on volleyball (oh my)
    Nightwing on gymnastics
    Hercules on wrestling
    Captain America on discus
    Thor on hammer throw
    Namor on high dive
    Hawkeye on archery
    Punisher on shooting
    Batroc on hurdles
    Emma frost on ribbons

  5. Smeagol in wrestling, but he will probably get disqualified for biting.
    Multiple Man for synchronized swimming.
    Flash for the pole vault.
    Peter Pan for fencing.

  6. Atlas from Thunderbolts, Giant Man, Black Goliath, Apache Chief, and the Spectacular Stilt-Man as your starting five on the next Dream Team!

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