What happens when Marvel and DC crossover? Usually something big and bold. So how do you feel about Daredevil directing the Justice League movie?

For the last couple of years, Ben Affleck has come into his own as a respected director, and depending on the role, he continues to prove his acting chops.  Following the success of The Town, word on the street is that Warner Bros. is considering hiring Ben Affleck to direct the Justice League movie.

Affleck has made it clear that going forward, he’s only interested in directing films in which he also stars — “The Town” and “Argo” are proof of that — so its likely that if this pairing ever came to fruition, he would likely don a suit of his own.

That’s an interesting statement from Variety, so it makes me wonder what role Ben Affleck would play if he did accept the job? We’ve seen him as Superman already, and though he may look enough like Bruce Wayne to play Batman, he might be best as Green Lantern.

There are a couple of problems with this story; first, Ben Affleck is showing a lot of interest in bringing Stephen King’s The Stand to the big screen in a two or three part epic.  The second issue is whether Affleck has the vision to bring the Justice League to life on the big screen.

Obviously, sine the news broke yesterday, the Intardwebz have been aflame with commentary and reactions on the news, and when asked for confirmation or updates on the story both the studio and Affleck’s representatives declined to comment.  Though I may be wearing a tinfoil hat here, I still think a lot of these breaking stories are planted by either the studio or the agents for stars in the media as a way to judge fan and audience reaction to the news before making a commitment.  For what it is worth, I think Affleck, when given a great role, does a great job acting, and though I’ve yet to see The Town, I have heard nothing but good things about Mr. Affleck as a director.  Christopher Nolan is done (for now) with directing superhero flicks, so I don’t see any reason why Mr. Affleck shouldn’t be given a chance to show us what he’s got.

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  1. I could see him playing Superman or Green Lantern. But I’d be surprised if Warner Brothers let him be on both sides of the camera for something this big. I know people still like to make fun of Affleck, but he’s a fantastic director. We’ve never seen him handle something so big, but after THE TOWN (in which he directed Carol Ferris and Hawkeye) and the upcoming ARGO, we know he can handle an ensemble cast.

  2. Cult favorite Serenity aside, you could argue that Joss Whedon’s The Avengers was the masterpiece of his career. It combined his directing and film writing experience with his comic writing resume to create arguably the best example of a superhero film to date. Does anyone really doubt Whedon’s a fan of the source material and genre?

    A JLA project needs that kind of creative passion to succeed. You can easily argue that Warner/DC’s characters are bigger properties than Marvel’s (Superman over Iron Man, Batman over Hulk, Captain America & Thor combined, etc.). These are tremendously valuable assets you’re going to be toying with. You need that sort of passion to reign in the corporate impulse to “protect” these properties by being “safe” which usually equated to boring. Or worse yet you’ll end up with the marque characters not in the JLA movie or acting only as bit players. (Detroit era JLA anyone?)

    I’m not sure Affleck, despite being a talented director and writer is that guy. Especially if he’s also going to be focused on a concurrent acting performance. And is he going to be able to resist making himself the focus of the movie, disrupting the ensemble nature of a JLA movie? If he really is under legitimate consideration, this isn’t a good sign that Warner has the right mind set for this movie.

  3. I think putting the reins in the hands of a genuine fan is what’s best for comic films. Iron Man worked cause of Jon Favreau, and he was able to play a part.

    Affleck can always cameo as Snapper Carr.

    Of course, Kevin Smith is probably going to do some uncredited script doctoring.

  4. The ideal Ben Affleck role for a Justice League movie in my mind would be Steve Trevor, though honestly I’d be alright with him as Maxwell Lord in a JLI film, even though his head isn’t as perfectly shaped as Leonardo DiCaprio’s…

  5. If Affleck can ACTUALLY direct, then meh. No biggie. I mean, could he be a worse director than he is an actor? Dude might be a good Max Lord, however, if he brings to the screen all the douchiness he can muster… Though that would make Max the villainy-Max, and I always found that sort of underwhelming.

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