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From British creators Roger Gibson and Vince Danks, Harker: The Book of Solomon collects the first complete storyline from the acclaimed independent comics series Harker, a wittily crafted homage to classic television detective series that follows the homicide investigations of Detective Chief Inspector Harker and his assistant, DS Critchley.

When the discovery of a disemboweled corpse on the steps of a Hawksmoor church points to ritualistic murder, the ensuing police investigation brings cynical DCI Harker and his assistant DS Critchley to the UK’s capital to clean up the bloody mess.The trail leads to the British Museum and a shadowy group of occultists whose shocking agenda marks the beginning of one of Harker’s more disturbing cases…

Harker: The Book Of Solomon is a heady mixture of Morse, Columbo, Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie, with perfectly paced storytelling, exquisitely detailed artwork and brilliant dialogue, exemplified by the chemistry between the grumpy, world-weary Harker and his easy-going, slightly unhinged assistant.

Available in hardback for the first time, this volume contains the first six issues of the independent comic, and is essential for fans of the crime genre.

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