SNEAK PEEK: Monkeybrain Comics


Monkeybrain Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Aesop’s Ark #2 and Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #2 that are both available now via comiXology.

Writer: J. Torres
Artist: Jennifer L. Meyer
Animals on the Ark exchanging anecdotes. Sharing stories to weather the storm. Fables will keep them afloat during the flood. Listen. And learn.

Amelia Cole and the Unknown World #2
Writer: Adam P. Knives and D.J. Kirkbride
Artist: Nick Brokenshire
Amelia Cole is stranded on world she didn’t even know existed, but that won’t stop her from being the hero she is! Despite her recent losses, Amelia must face new adventures and deal with strange new laws — laws that she might just have to break in order to do the right thing. Friends are made, battles are fought, and a new realm is revealed in AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD issue 2, written by Adam P. Knave & D.J. Kirkbride, drawn by Nick Brokenshire, and lettered by Rachel Deering!

via Monkeybrain Comics