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The chilling first issue of Indie Comics HORROR assaults Diamond’s comic book preorder catalog, Previews, in September, said Aazurn Publishing’s Gary Scott Beatty.

“We’re the publisher of Indie Comics Magazine and readers can expect that kind of variety,” Beatty explained. “Zombie warriors, noir crime, moody gothic, manic gross out — it’s all here in stories well told.”

The #1 issue features a disgusting zombie cover illustrated by Engine’s Tim Tyler, with color by Beatty. “It was interesting adding color to Tim’s super-detailed line work. Every pus-filled sore, every swollen abscess, every piece of ripped flesh needed attention.”

Tim Tyler is a quarter century veteran of the independent comic book industry, having been inker, artist or publisher on Faust (inker over Tim Vigil), Razor, Blood Reign, Hades, Devil-Jack, Cuda, Dreadstar, Zero Tolerance, Djustine, Shinga’s Talons, Dead Crew, Manga Monthly, and more. After attending the Joe Kubert School, Tyler was discovered by Mark (Hulk) Pannaccia and hired by Pyramid Comics.

Tyler’s website features his Engine series, plus a Blood Reign and Devil-Jack team-up series. To see Tim’s new, original web comics, art galleries and news updates, visit Danger Angel merchandise is at

Six complete stories of dread shamble through Indie Comics HORROR #1, the best fear from independent comic book creators. “I like complete stories and there aren’t many places to read them in comics,” said Beatty. “Frankly, there aren’t many comic book writers today who do well with short stories. These creators have perfected the form!”

Information about creators and a video preview of Indie Comics HORROR #1, with music by the appropriately indie Chantron, is online at

Indie Comics HORROR #1 will cost only $4.75 for six complete stories. Like Indie Comics Magazine, there will be no huge overprint, no digital version and no back issue sales — Indie Comics HORROR is available ONLY at your local and online comic book shops. It is best to preorder from September’s Previews, said Beatty. Some Indie Comics Magazine issues, like last year’s Christmas issue, are now hard to find.

“The Tyler cover is just the beginning. This is the kind of modern horror we like to read. We’re out to alarm and repulse. Then we go for shock and disgust!”

via Aazurn Publishing

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Press Release

Press Release

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