This week, on the Major Spoilers Podcast, the hosts sit down to discuss Spider-Man Blue.

“It’s about remembering someone so important to me I was going to spend the rest of my life with her.” What Peter Parker didn’t know was that meant Gwen Stacy would only get to spend the rest of her life with him. This is the story of how they fell in love. Or more appropriately, how they almost didn’t fall in love. Welcome to Spider-Man’s life. Bad before good. It’s kind of amazing. So to get the girl of his dreams, he’ll have to run the gauntlet of the Green Goblin, the Rhino, two Vultures and a mysterious man in the shadows controlling it all. Join the Eisner Award-winning team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale (Superman for All Seasons, Batman: The Long Halloween, DAREDEVIL: YELLOW, HULK: GRAY) in the story about Peter Parker’s first love, Gwen Stacy. Highlighted by the introduction of Mary Jane Watson, it is a critical moment in Spider-Man’s life when everything was just coming together – only to fall apart. Collecting SPIDER-MAN: BLUE #1-6.

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  1. This is a great trade. It kinda takes the found footage genre and uses it in the comic book medium. The story is great in that its a nice story with some good fighty fighty between the main villians. I mean come on here who doesn’t like to see the lizard, the rhino and Kraven the hunter? For those reading this trade for the first time and never really reading spidy who only remember the cartoon this is gonna be an eye opener. The Rhino comes across as a big dumb lummox, which he kinda is. The Lizard is of course bent on turning everybody into lizards. When Kraven the hunter gets introduced he seems kinda like a Deus Machina kinda of way to end the story.

    I see some of the parallels to the first spider-man movie here and they are nice. Matthew is completely right in saying that the M.J. in the movie is more Gwen Stacey then M.J.

    The art in this whole trade is gorgeous. I bought this in the digital format to begin with and I’m deferentially going to put this on my Xmas list (Of course using the amazon link). Like Rodrigo I like the web armpit thing going on. Even though I am usually a fan of the moving eye slit to get more expression out of spiderman it really worked for me not having them move. Having the blue background on all the word balloons really hit home some of the final moments of the book. The theme of this was really like cool jazz without the volume turned up to 11. My only problem and its probably just me, maybe Matthew too, is that sometimes scale gets messed up. Peoples heads seem to be bigger then they should, they probably drank too much monster or something.

    Bottom line is I’m gonna give it 3.5 out of 5 and say If your a spider-man fan buy it. Its essential spider-man that helps flesh the character out. It really shows how Peter is a normal guy who just happens to have spider powers. If your not a spider-man fan at the very least borrow it. You won’t be disappointed.

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